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  1. Our own rdhood sponsored an AK bend/build party today that was outstanding! No rifles were completed, as nobody showed up with pre-drilled rear trunnions, but riveted front trunnions, welded rails, heat-treating, and a few re-inserted barrels were the fruits of the day.

    Let's give it up, folks, for rdhood, who skillfully led us noobs through the thicket!


    And, yes, I left my camera on the kitchen table on the way out the door. So shoot me. :cry:
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    man that sounds like fun

  3. It was a blast. For anyone wanting to host or participate in a similar party, go here:


    There's a traveling bending jig, and you just request to get on the list. The jig is then mailed from requestee to requestee, and when you attend a party, you make a donation to the guy who built the jig and to the AK Files guys for hosting this. With the exception of the flat-bending jig, just about all tools needed for AK builds can be bought/improvised cheaply, and this travelling jig closes the loop for affordable builds.

    There's a lot of documentation online, but it does help to have someone who has done it before. rdhood has done a number of builds, and was an admirable host and teacher. I expect to be moving to Washington State within the year, and -- now that I sort of know what I'm doing (with additional practice to come) -- I hope to host a NW Pac party in the future.
  4. That is so great!!!! Thanks for the link.
  5. Sounds like you guys had a great time. I would love to see some video of how to actually build an AK/bend a flat.
  6. Here's a bunch of links with detailed pics and instructions (and a few vids) from soup to nuts. These are the next best thing to a hands-on experience.


    I had never thought of doing this until huggy mentioned it on the old forum. When I saw that the jig was coming to the ATL area, I jumped on it.