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    That's 118 commies down...

  2. Ari: Thanks for the good post. I remember when all of that went down and had heard they would be raising the ship. At least the families will get what most families who lose people at sea don't get; their loved ones body to lay to rest.

    Uraijit: wow man.....just....wow.....
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    My bad, I forgot we had a few commies here on the site... :roll:
  4. Ya know, it’s sad that the primary reason you think I might be upset by 118 people being killed is because I share their political ideology (and I'm not a communist for the record).
  5. Just so you know... the Kursk put to sea under the flag of the Russian Federation, not the USSR.

    Also... As a 12 year veteran of the US Navy I was really pulling for those guys when their boat went down, regardless of the flag they were flying. Nothing sucks worse than being traped on a burning, sinking or sunk ship knowing that you may never see your loved ones again. Been thru my share of shipboard fires, but thankfully never had a ship sink on me, then again I never took duty on a sub just for that reason.

  6. I remember hoping that they would save at least some of the sailors. They chose a dangerous job and payed with their lives.

    I would not wish that death on anyone, no matter how much I hated them. A bullet to the head, yes but not how these guys died.
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    Thats sad. I remember that when it happened, and I was rooting/praying for them.
    That reminds me of that reenacted whow, where a Russian sub went down in the Pacific, and the USA recovered it (mostly). The CIA actually gave the sailors a hornorable burial by sea.
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