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L7A1 +P+ ammo?

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Hi im new and have some HP L7A1 ball ammo originally made for open bolt submachine guns (1992 surplus). A few rounds made it into the USA but its loaded pretty hot, roughly 124gr [email protected]+fps. Very few pistols will handle this round and even the British stopped using it in their SMGs. It is supposed to be hotter than the UZI ammo for carbines.

Has anyone used the L7A1 124gr FMJ ammo in their 995 or 995ts?

Im a bit nervous about using it and Hi Point's website says +P is ok but no mention of +P+ ammo. Its nice brass ammo and usually cheap at the guns shows at about $10 for 50 rounds. Primers are pretty hard too.

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I think a C9 or 995 would handle it.
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