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  1. Well I went back to work yesterday after being on disability leave for a month.
    Sat around talking to the guys since the guy over me was in a meeting.
    Got told to go see my manager and she told me I was being laid off due to monetary restraints.

    Did all my unemployment paperwork today and have been working on updating the old resume.

    It doesn't bother me too much that I got laid off but this sure puts a damper on my ammo and gun money for a bit.

    On a good note since I am getting divorced this puts a damper on her alimony and other monies request I think.
  2. Silver lining.

    I like your attitude.

  3. Time to learn the room mates trade of Saiga conversions.
  4. Mordecai

    Mordecai Member

    Your unemployment will be almost as much as your old check....
  5. Thayldt21

    Thayldt21 Senior Member Member

    When I drew COUCH i only got 400 per week. Not exactly almost as much as my reg pay.

    wonder how you figure????
  6. hpman

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    Sorry to hear about that but keep up the good attitude.
  7. neothespian

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    Man...sorry to hear about the bad turn of luck. But true on the positive outlook :D
  8. Strangerous

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    I know the feeling my man, Just don't pawn any of your firearms, sell one of your kidneys first! Good luck job hunting! Something great has to come your way, if you don't have no in your heart.
  9. Sorry to hear the bad news.

    It is one reason I stock up on .22. I can shoot even if I get laid off.
  10. perley03

    perley03 Guest

    You too, eh?
    I went to work Monday for 6 hours and then got called into the office. Me and another electrician got laid off, due to no work for at least 2 months. So I went to the unemployment office to file, and you have to do it online now, can't do it at the office anymore, and the maximum you can have is $320/wk. Oh well, I've filled out quite a few applications, one at the local paper mill. Hopefully something will pop up.

    Muerte; what exactly was their excuse for laying you off?
  11. pills

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    where are you located perley? My buddy is looking for a licensed journeyman.
  12. Thanks guys.

    I try to look on the bright side.

    And I got a few hundred rounds of 7.62x54r and some other sundry ammo so I can blast a bit every now and then.

    Sorry to hear it perley03.
    I had to do the online thing as well.
    Now I just have to do the job hunting.

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Sorry to here about both of you it really sucks to lose your job and it's gonna get worst with more layoffs and places closing down. I'm still myself only working when I can borrow the bosses truck and saving up for a downpayment on another one. Just waiting till tax refund time and pick something up. Just hang in there sooner or later things will change.
  14. Mordecai

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    My brother in law got laid off, and he only got $3 less a week than his normal check....
  15. perley03

    perley03 Guest

    Bangor, Maine.
    I applied to the local paper mill and Cianbro, as they are opening a new mill across the river in Brewer. Not much work going on around here, the economy is slowing down.

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    perley03 How's the job market in southern Maine? I know several electritions in York and Cumberland Counties as well as in southern NH They mayt be looking for some help I don't know BUT If you are willing to relocate here in upstate South Carolina [Greenville/ Spartenburg Counties] They are still having a building boom with a lot of new companies moving in up here and building is still going strong. Just a thought.
  17. perley03

    perley03 Guest

    Eh, not really looking to relocate, as the wife and I just bought a new house in September. Traveling to southern part of the state, well I don't mind that if the pay is decent.

    Muerte: I hope something comes up good for you, I know the feeling of not having the paychecks you use to get everyweek,now they are just enough to squeeze by. Hope to see you land a new job within the next few weeks.