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Lame day at the range

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Went to the range today to try out my new buys. The 995 I bought is awesome. Deadly accurate. Can't quite get the laser on target thought (guess I'll read the instructions).

Now for the lame part. I shot two mags through my new Rock Island 1911 and look at this BS.

The effing plunger tube fell off!!

I'm not a happy camper. I'm gonna call up Rock Island tomorrow and give em a piece of my mind. This is unacceptable.
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That sucks, RIA's have been very reliable, I have been very tempted to get one soon, keep us apprised on the customer service.
Yes, please let us know how the service dept. treats you.
Damn dude, that sucks bro. Keep us posted on how customer service treats you dude.
That sucks man, I sure hope their customer service is as good as HP'S
Let us know

Any thoughts on how this happened,
I ran through one clip fine, no problems. The second mag started jamming right away. I thought it was just breaking in the feed ramp, I'd rack the slide and it would work fine. I decided to go to the indoor bowling pin range, but I started shooting the 995 while I was outside. When I went to grab this pistol to go to the other range I realized that tube had fallen off. I was able to find the piece in the gravel luckily. I'm mad cause I'm gonna have to send this in and get it fixed and be without my pistol for god knows how long. I better get a free mag or patch or something out of this a'la highpoint customer service.
What type of ammo were you shooting? did you have any problems other than the tube falling off? I have a RIA with over 5000 rnds through her and no problems you might want to get ahold of them soon as they have switched over to the name citadel now.....
I have no idea how that happened, because I have TRIED to take the plunger tube off of mine... no success. This was back when I spend a lot of cash for "upgrades" then couldn't find a 'smith to do the work.
I'm interested in hearing how well they treat you.
I was shooting winchester white box FMJ. So who do I need to contact since they changed names?

[email protected]net

He's been on a lot of 1911 forums and has a good reputation for handling any problem.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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