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  1. Here's a video by the heavy metal band Disturbed.
    I thought it was just cool video. They're doing a cover of the old Genesis song. I wasn't sure if I should post it in the Lounge since it's just a music video. I decided to post it in the Free Fire Zone since it is quite politically charged. You can interpret it many different ways. Is it pro-communist? Is it anti-fascist? Or is it saying that sometimes the people have to rise up when a government or governments get a little too out of hand.
    Or is it simply just a good song with a cool video? You decide.
    Here you go, submitted for your approval, "Land of Confusion" by Disturbed:

    BTW: The video was directed by Todd MacFarlane, they guy who created the Spawn comic book, so thats why the animation might a little familiar to any comic book nerds like myself. :D
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    That video is really kick butt. I really don't like most cover songs done by modern bands, but Disturbed did it right with this one.

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    I am a huge Disturbed fan and can't wait for the next album due early next year. A lot of the songs they do are very political, Land of Confusion has a great video and fits the times we are in very well.
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    Re: Land of Confusion and anti-facist are the same thing from that perspective :p

    Haven't been able to see the video yet, but have heard the cover and actually like it (I'm a Phil Collins fan...don't let anyone know who hears my collection of politi-punk).
  5. yeah i love that song and i am a country fan they have another good song i think the name of it is 10,000 fists in the air i belive it has to do with the first 10000 troops sent to iraq..............
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    Loved the original video and song...I MAY have heard the cover, but dont recall. Good stuffs.
  7. Re: Land of Confusion

    Neo,I do see your point. It can be the same from that perspective but in a way it's not. In a way you can be anti-facist and not be pro-communist.
    I took the video as being anti-facist and anti-new world order. But in my mind definitely not pro-communist. But I'm sure some could take it as very pro-communist. But everyone sees it differently. It's like any work of art. 1000 people can look at a painting and each one of them can get a different perspective. It might not be the artists original view, but art is supposed to be subjective.
    I think this video is a fine example. It can taste different to everyone.
    and isn't that the definition of true art? :D
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    Re: Land of Confusion

    VERY true! Excellent insight.