LARGE hospital bill; selling off bunch of stuff

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  1. Long story short: I had to go to the hospital, the bill is large, and insurance is only covering a fraction of it. I'm doing what I can to get the bill down (social services, finance department, etc.) but for now I'm selling off as much of my stuff as I can to get some money to pay the bill. Most of this is stuff I'd rather not part with, and it's all in great condition unless noted otherwise. Tell your friends or anyone you think might be interested, I could really use the help. Thanks guys!

    P.S. Sorry it's not all that firearms related; already liquidated most of that FTF so as to save FFL/shipping.

    Federal 135 gr. Low Recoil 40 S&W Hydrashok: 20 rounds, $15.

    Winchester Ranger .40 S&W 155gr. JHP: 2 boxes of 50 rounds, $18 each.

    Comp-Tac C-TAC Holster for GLOCK 27: $80 (comes with V-clips only)

    Pager-Pal Holster: $50

    PS2 (old style), DDR MAX 2, Dance pad, Madden 2007 Collector's Edition, 32MB Memory card (vs. 8 MB standard), one controller: $120 (negotiable)

    Behringer Eurolive B215A Active Loudspeaker/PA: $250 (FTF St Louis only; shipping would be way too expensive).

    SPFCRKT First Strike (Large) Tanto Knife: $50 (brand new, never used/sharpened).SPF

    Ernie Ball Super Slinky guitar stings: 9 sets for $35.

    Shure SM-57 Microphone: $80

    Shure SM-58 Microphone: $80

    More stuff to come (much more, actually), just scratching the surface.

    Edit:Z71 for SPF
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    Got a pic on the CRKT?

    PM sent.

  3. CRKT sold pending funds... (where did the edit button go?)
  4. shelbyzman

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    You may want to sell on ebay for some of the smaller stuff. I sold a mic on there and it brought a good price.
  5. Thanks... trying to hold off on ebay for now (headache and PITA to ship because I'm out of town so much).
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    gone, there was concern about members twisting words, reneging on deals and changing info after the fact. for the time being Edit is gone, Contact the mods/admin if you wish to change or cancel an ad.
  7. Alrighty. I'll just crawl up Primal's hindquarters about it :). Ranger ammo is SPF.
  8. My hindquarters are off limits my friend, but I might be interested in those Ernie Ball strings... What guage are they?
  9. "Light" gauge.

  10. It's gonna have to wait till payday, but yeah, I'll take 'em.
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    wanted to know if holster will fit c9 and left or right
  12. may want the ranger ammo(one box), not sure yet. i'll let ya know.
  13. Sorry! I thought I'd posted... Ranger is SOLD. Strings are also SOLD. The pagerpal fits the C-9 fine if I recall correctly. The holster is set up for R handed draw... not sure how it would work for a lefty
  14. Guys would anyone be interested in asking one of the mods to start a collection for 4095 and all of us trying to kick in a buck or 2?

    I cant afford much, but I could kick a little in and hopefully we can help the guy out.

    Any one else interested in the idea? MODS? What do ya think?
  15. elguapo

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    Waltham, I would, but He is getting "plenty" from me :)
    Nice gesture, btw.
  16. Thanks dude but I'd rather sell my stuff; as much as I hate to, I'll feel better because I'll feel like I earned it :). Again, 'preciate it :).
  17. keep my eye out for more goodies. Ps2 interests me but...dont know if i really need it lol.
  18. I admire your attitude 4095. I hope things get straightned out for you.

    I went through a long illness and had to sell everything about 20 years ago, and the hurt of having to do so is still with me to this day.

    I do know what you are going through.
  19. Just openly suggesting what I am sure many of us were thinking. This forum is more "family" than most.