Las Vegas Hi-Point Outing with Primal and NDS

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    Myself along With Primal Seal and NDS hit up the Desert today to blow off some Rounds.. Primal and NDS are good guys.. but don't tell too many people it may ruin their Reputations.. We brought along a few guns to shoot.. I brought my 995, Ak, Mosin Nagant m44, Glock 27, and my PT111... NDS Brought a Whole Arsenal of Weapons.. He knows them better than me.. and Primal Had his Sigma Well all in all the day was fun, the weather was nice.. and we got to shoot some pretty random stuff that was out in the Desert.. I even killed a lock with my AK and My Mosin.. and put a whole new meaning to the "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?" phrase.. .will try to get some video up later, but here are some slides from the Day.. Sorry about the links this was so much quicker to do.




    Heres a video of me Bump Firing my AK:
  2. Sponge Bob didn't make it kids.... Sorry, but that cartoon SUCKS!!!!!

    I think we killed him repeatedly with several weapons. AK-47, MN, Glock 27, Taurus PT111, and S&W Sigma....

    Poor Sponge Bob.... :twisted:

  3. Looks like you guys had a blast! Whats this I hear about a bayonet charge with the M44? Want to see that vid for sure..LOL!
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    Spongebob got what he deserved! I wish i was there.
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    Check your inbox RimFire... I sent you a link to the Charge.. i have all the SpongeBob Un-cut footage links.. Sorry don't want to post.. The kids may be watching..

    "GOD I HATE THAT CARTOON!" :x that was the quote of the day. :lol:

    Oh yes He definitely got what he deserved and more.. :wink: if only you could have been there.. NDS May never want to go Shooting with me again :( :lol: It was all in Fun..
  6. Sorry I couldn't hook up with you guys. Primal, if you're still in town and want to hook up the sunday following the "Big Game" ( don't want to get sued by the NFL!!!) I've got that sunday off. Other than that I am free on thurs and fri. I've got a couple of Yugo 8mms and a Saiga 7.62 you guys could try out.
  7. Good job with the slideshow Fox.

    It was a good day and I enjoyed meeting and shooting with you guys.

    :shock: :shock:

    I'm moving though, I hear there's a vacancy in Bikini Bottom :wink:
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    Damn that looked like fun!
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    Can i get the vid too?!
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    I'm at work I will send out the links when I get home.
  11. No Hillary poster to shoot?!?! I kid. Sounds like a fun day indeed. Makes me wanna go down to the range now.
  12. that was awesome, wish it was warm like that here so I could go shoot stuff lol
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    I went shooting Sunday with friends and my nephew.
    We went to a new location to me, and I was kinda concerned about the backstop, legality etc.
    Turns out, we had a great backstop, and there wasnt any problems at all.

    Hundereds of rounds expended: a nice Sunday day shooting with friends: Excellent!

    My only sore note was: I have that expensive AR-15, all hooked up with all the doodads.....

    I had the most fun with my Norinco SKS....go figure.
  14. Elguapo, sometimes it's not about how much you spend on something, it's how you use it that counts.

    NDS had one of those lower recievers that he bought from those people in Phoenix, and let's just say that it sucked. I don't know if it was the magazine or if it was the lower. The magazine was repsonsible for all the jams we got, I tried messing with it, but it didn't get any better. Several times I had issues with slam fires and the whole 9 yards. It really sucked. It's a beautiful gun, I just don't know why it was acting like it did.

    I really had a great time, and I have to admit that Fox is a bit crazier than I expected him to be. NDS, no worries man, it was great to meet you and thanks for taking us out there to your shooting spots. That was awesome.

    CG-49 Plankowner, send me a PM with your cell number in it and I'll give you a call. That's about the only way we're gonna be able to work anything out. I am working 10 hour days here at Nellis, and I have some comp time off coming. I don't know when they are going to give me a day, but hopefully it'll be this weekend. I will ask for Friday off and we'll see what they do ok?
  15. Hey Fox, could you send me links to the other videos please? I still haven't seen those yet. Thanks buddy! Can't wait to go shooting with you guys again!
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  17. Those are cool videos.
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    Very nice videos Fox. Guess I don't have too many hi-point folks that live around me. :\