Las Vegas shooting

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    And that's why we carry. You just never know when and where....

    The reports I read indicate they figure the cc holder pretty much ended this, as the perps went out back and offed themselves right after encountering him. By all indications they planned a much more grandiose endeavor.

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    Of course the left wingers are making noise about the guy being videoed out at Bundy's ranch.

    Nut jobs giving us a bad name, yet again.:rolleyes:
  4. The reports I read that they engaged in a gun battle with responding police, and then committed suicide.,0,6955008.story?page=2

    The couple exchanged fire with police and retreated to the rear of the store, where Amanda Miller killed her spouse and herself, McMahill said.
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  5. There are nut cases in every corner of society. Dorner was a example of the extremes that nut cases come from.

    My take is these two hated police.
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    Yeah.... But MSM will play the right wing anti-govt extremist angle to the hilt..... I doubt these two jokers were ever part of any real group for any amount if time.... Nut jobs!
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    Yeah, that was the end. But the citizen drove them out of WalMart. I think I read the shootout occurred behind the store. But yeah, it did end with police involvement. But who knows how many more victims could have happened inside the store

    EDIT- looks like I had bad intel. This article says all the action went down inside WalMart :eek:
  8. I am not so sure, these two appear to have wanted to kill cops. They harmed nobody in the restaurant, and they told the Walmart employees to leave. The only civilian they killed was the one that tried to stop them. They easily could have killed many more innocent people before the police arrived.

    What he did do was probably interfered with their getaway. If that is what they intended to do. Walmart is a easy place to get lost in.
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    Probably more plants from the anti-gunners.
    /tinfoil hat
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    makes me wonder tho. how many others are right on that edge of getting 'The Revolution' going and are fed up with the way things are? what will be the reaction of the government to their declaration that the revolution has started? most likely nothing will really happen unless some buffoon decides to make an example of somebody and pushes other 'revolutionists' past the tipping point. i feel like somethings coming but i dont know what it is.
  11. IMO it would take a event like Lexington for a revolution to happen. The government so far has avoided that.
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    Whatever it is, it doesn't involve executing blue collar cops sitting eating their lunch.

    And anyone that takes that kind of crap as a call to action deserves the reaction they will get from the government, from real Americans, and from anyone else with any sense of decency, morality, or patriotism.

    Pathetic pieces of excrement, that's all those two were.:cool:
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    Allegedly they were asked to leave the Bundy range or alternatively they were kicked off.
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    i'm not saying they're any kind of patriot, but whatever action they take from here on out could have a drastic affect on our rights as gun owners which could then lead to further escalation.
  15. Hopefully not, Newtown only made a difference in locals controlled by liberals. As bad as these incident are they are not new. Police officers have been ambushed before. Mass killings or shootings go way back in our history. The public is becoming desensitized to them just as much as they are to gang violence. Truth be told probably most people are not paying to much attention. We pay attention to it because we are in the firearms community. The left pays attention to it because they hate firearms and love control. Everybody else just wants to get on with their lives.
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    If Waco or Weaver doesn't do it, nothing will.

    Peace favor your sword,
  17. The fact that it didn't makes me believe it would take something on a large scale. Today most Americans are too willing to live in a police state, they even like it.
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    Mainly because the police state is providing what they want.... Free money...
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    But this is a good example of what not to do with your CCW, at least in my opinion. He told his buddy he was going to confront the man, but that is the thing about being a CCW, you are rarely equipped to deal with what criminals might have if you are going out to "confront" them. To me my CCW is for defense, not to go and confront the attacker.
  20. I highly doubt a off duty police officer would have confronted him alone. They know to wait for the advantage. A person should always expect there are more than one. It was shame what happened to him, and a shame his family was robbed of him. He made a error, but with good intentions, I can't fault him. Just that I would not have done it.