Laser Bore Sighting The C9

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  1. I'm wanting to get a laser bore sighter that will work for my C9. All the ones I've found so far recommend a barrel length of at least 4 inchs, and the C9 barrel is 3 1/2. Can anyone recommend a bore sighter that will work with the C9?
  2. The one I bought at Wally World said the same thing but it works in my C9. The body is a red aluminum with plastic ends that screw on the tapered end, sizes from .22 on up.

    I think it was around $38.

  3. I just got back from Wally World where I bought a bore sighter. I think it's the same one you have. The brand name is Laserlyte. I'm going to the range tomorrow, hope it works.
  4. That sounds like the one I have. I used it to site my C9 so that @ 15 yards the sight and laser matched. At 3 yards, the laser is little bit above where I sight.
  5. I used the same one sbroomheadsr used, gee go figure, and it works great. I sighted my C9 so at 3, 7, and 15 yards, approx., the dot is exactly the same. My C9 is dead on accurate.
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    I have that same boresighter...I sighted in my 995 at 100yds today...very good considering how wide the crosshairs are :)

    Also used it on my AR-15 today at the range...I couldnt see it at the target at 50yds, so I pointed it at the covered wooden crossbeam at 25yds and tuned my EOTech to that, then fine-tuned at 50yds...
  7. Any pics of these set ups? I would love to see how it looks. sounds like a great find.
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    I got the Lazerlyte today at Wallyworld, works great on my 7 1/2 barrel Ruger 44, and the Ruger 10/22, but I didnt like how it fit in my C9. The barrel in the C9 didnt seem like it was long enough for the end of the shaft with the plastic centering piece to keep it centered in the barrel. So I rolled on some electric tape on the end of the lazerlyte shaft. Put enough on so that it fit snugly in the barrel. This seemed to work nicely. Re-adjusted the sights, and will see how it works out next time at the range.
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    Can any of you guys post a picture of your bore sighter please so others will know what they look like?
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    Here is a suggestion to make up that last half inch of play on that laserlyte: Use one of those silicone sealants (Ultrablack, Clear, RTV), use the supplied "nipple", that can be cut to the bead desired. Affix that on the end, insert in barrel...
    I havent tried it, but just thought of that. That reminds me: I need a boresight....
  11. The Laserlyte I bought fits the C9 and CF380 just fine even though it states a size limit on the package. It even works fine in my HP22a with a 3 inch barrel. There is no play or wiggle; it fits tight.
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    That's odd, cause mine doesnt fit my C9, there is all kinds of wiggle in it. Putting a roll of tape the diameter of the barrel makes it fit snug. Wished there were a machined adapter available that one could slip on to make it fit better.
  13. The number on my Laserlyte label is 2281275. I don't know if it is a serial or part number.

    The length from the threaded end without the plastic fitting to point where the tube starts to expand is 2 5/16 inches.

    Hope this info helps.
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    The number on mine is 2355938, but the tube length is just as you described.

    I wonder if I didnt expand the plastic fitting enough. It fit very snug in the barrel, then when I pushed it all the way in, the plastic fitting was very loose. I'll try expanding it more to see if this helps.

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    When using it on my AR, I have to use the smallest adapter and thread it in just far enough to get just a bit of expansion...
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    sbroomheadsr, I think I see what one has to do to get it to work with the C9. I had the plastic end adjusted for the barrel, and was feeling it go past the end of the rifled barrel when inserted all the way, into where the cartridge sits in the barrel.

    I just tried inserting it all the way, then expanding the plastic end piece more so that it was up against the cartridge part of the barrel. This seemed to work, and I only had to resight it slightly.

    I hope this makes sense.

  17. Now that I am reading what you had to do, I was reminded of what I went through with my HP22A (.22 cal.). After I insert it a ways, I have to turn the bore sight slightly to expand the plastic end piece. I don't remember doing that with the C9 but with the plastic piece fully threaded in the bore sight, it is very hard to insert into the barrel.
  18. Here's the Laserlyte Bore Sighter I got at Wally World for $39.95.


  19. That's exactly the same as the one my dad has.