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    Just bought a Taryag laser dry fire training cartridge for my newly purchased 995TS. The laser is supposed to flash once when the gun trigger is pulled, simulating one round fired. However, instead of flashing once, the laser stays on, until I manually pull the charging handle backward. This suggests that the firing pin keeps resting on the cartridge after the trigger pulling. Is this normal? Should the firing pin strike the cartridge and bounce back off the cartridge right away?

    With bolt action open, I tried to push the firing pin from the ejection port. It does not move at all. Does this mean that the firing pin always pushes forward and stays on the cartridge after firing?
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    Yes, this is the designed behavior. With Hi Point firearms, the firing pin also doubles as the Ejector when the round is extracted. The firing pin is going to stay forward as the slide or breach block cycles rearward, then levers the case out against the extractor claw. After the slide/breach block is at full rearward travel, and as the slide/breach block travels forward again, the sear reengages the firing pin, locking it at full spring compression, ready for the next trigger pull.

    Not with the Hi Point design.


    It also slides forward (with no spring pressure) when a live round is ejected as well. The firing pin still acts as the ejector. This means that ejecting a live, unfired, round may leave a slight mark on the primer. Some people have reported that cycling live ammo in a Hi Point is dangerous in that it could cause an Unintended Discharge. While I have chronicled 2 events over the years which seem to point to this as a potential cause, I am convinced that these events do not even begin to exceed Statistical "noise" and are, therefore, statistically insignificant and not something to be worried about.

    Nevertheless, most here would advise against cycling live ammo in any gun, including Hi Points.

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    Hi Kirk,

    You are very knowledgeable about Hi-Point firearms. Looking forward to learning more from you about my carbine.