Laser for C9 ??

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  1. c9-old-rookie

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    Anyone know how to attach a laser to a C9? (Pics would be very helpful)
  2. Go to, drop down menu for handguns and select 9mm.

    Should bring up a list of what's available. Down at the bottom of the page there's a Laser Lyte a available for Hi Point pistols.

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  4. c9-old-rookie

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    Thanks for the link and pic. Good solution, but seems pricey for such an inexpensive pistol. Was hoping for something less, but this is probably one of those get what you pay for things.
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    Laserlytes make lasers for many different brands of guns. I'm sure they WON'T make cheaper lasers for the cheaper guns?
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    They have the trigger lasers that fit the c9 on ebay &amazon the prices range from like $8-$20 they are relatively easy to install