Laser takes out three mortar rounds in the air *new link

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    new link
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    Linky no workie.

  3. wow. the possibilities are endless. fighter planes. commercial air traffic. satellites. missiles. anything that flies. yikes!
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    Its too slow load wise when compared to modern auto loading mortar cannons by the U.S. and Great Britain. It packs a big punch and appears to be used as a Siege gun.
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    Gotta love it

    I work on this project Post test data scoreing of high speed cameras
    it was kind of cool :)
  6. Now if they would come up with something for those damm IED's
  7. Ari

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    Ya it is a hell of a start
  8. It was an USAF Tech Sergeant that was firing the mortars. Good stuff.
  9. azhipoint

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    In my earlier post it should have read WORKED on that project.

    After 23 years of optical data reduction I have moved on to other fields.
    Seen some real impressive crap over the years.
    I have never served on active duty... dam knees went on me in Highschool ( long story ).
    But I take pride in my small part within the DOD and hope it has help the people in uniform in some way.
    The improvements the last 20+ years in R+D and testing has been impressive to say the least.

    God bless all
    and Merry Christmas
  10. Very cool. Wonder if I could order one from cheaper than dirt.
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    I saw that.
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    Yeah, and I believe that is just up the road from you a bit at Kirkland. That is likely from the AFRL Directed Energy Division/
  13. They get into a bunch of cool stuff up at Kirtland. I would love to be a member of their POL FARP team... Only bad thing about that is that I wouldn't be able to go TDY anywhere. That would suck. Anywho, good vid, loved it.
  14. Laser beams shooting down targets... Star Trek anyone? We already got Communicators (cell phones) and Triquarters (PDAs)... why not lasers? Why not Transporters next?!!!!!!