One of the largest and most respected laser systems companies in the business has gotten around to developing a decent red trigger guard laser for the Hi Point pistol. The good news is, they have a mount for all four basic caliber models. The better news could be the price.

Why a laser

A visible laser system, in other words, one that can be seen, has many advantages. These include the basic fact that holding the pistol with a properly aligned and installed laser, is aiming. Then the laser is there in real-time to adjust your aim. This means that if you are off target, say in a high-stress situation, the laser will show you just how bad you are off instantly-- meaning you can correct this problem in milliseconds without firing a shot.
This can install confidence in your ability to control a situation, which in turn gives you a better chance of survival. The use of these devices can also give you a very real ace in the hole if you are in a low-light situation, say in your living room at 2 a.m. when it would normally be a challenge to line up your sights.

Finally, that red laser flashing across the room and landing on a bad guy gives them a very real incentive to make positive life choices. All of this leads us to the new...

LaserLyte TGL

Cottonwood, Arizona-based LaserLyte has been around for almost thirty years, developing from the old Tac Star Industries of the 1980s. If it is a modern handgun, they make a laser system for it. No stranger to the Hi Point, they came out with a frame-based laser and mount for the JCP and JHP series guns some time ago. The only problem with that $75 laser is that its frame based-- and it doesn't fit the C380 and C9 platforms. Well they have fixed all that with their new TGL system.

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The trigger guard laser offered by LaserLyte for the Hi Point pistol comes in two different versions. One for the C380/C9, the other for the JCP/JHP. Between these two, there is a mount and laser for each handgun that MKS has in the stable.

The mount conforms to the Hi Point frame seamlessly, blending in with the dustcover and trigger guard to look like it came that way right from the factory. Truth be told, MKS is selling several variants from the factory with these LaserLyte modules as a package. Nevertheless, if you already own your Hi Point, installation of one of these systems (MSRPd at $104) takes about five minutes with the aid of a Phillips head screwdriver.

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UTA-HAB Laser Specs:

- Compatible Firearms: HI-POINT 380acp, 9mm, 40S&W, and 45ACP
- Power Output: 650NM, 5MW, Class IIIA
- Programmable: Dual mode constant on and pulse, auto-off in 6 minutes
- Batteries: 3 x 392
- Battery Life: Actual usage 5 hours constant on, 10 hours pulse mode
- Weight: .75 ounces/0.0213 kg
- Material: 55% Glass Filled Nylon and Aircraft Grade 6061 aluminum
- Length: 1.52 inches/3.86 cm
- Width: .76 inches/ 1.93 cm
- Height: 1.70 inches/4.32 cm

Our thoughts

Some may balk at the concept of dropping another $100 on a pistol that may have only cost that to begin with. However, it can be argued that the new 'package deal' handguns from MKS that include the laser run at a MSRP of $250-ish anyway, which means you could be getting a deal if you shop around on the laser and add it to your existing platform.

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In the end, you could have a handgun in a modern, capable caliber, with one of the best visible lasers on the market that is still half of what a comparable Glock or S&W would run-- without the laser!

Or, you can always take that extra money and spend it on ammo, which never goes out of style.