Laserlyte on a Hi Point?

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    Hey!!! They even called HiPoint ultra popular! Wow!

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    My new JHP came with one. I have not shot it with the laser very much yet - I want to get used to the "bare" JHP first, then I'll play with some toys.

    But - I have had a little trouble with the on/off switch. I'll report back to y'all after I properly zero it and see how it holds up.
  4. I'm a new owner and have looked at the LazerLyte sight. I'll be interested in your review.
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    Lol...... Costs what I paid for my C9!
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    NE Utah
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    appear to be two different models....
  8. The TGL is the new one more costly and is not listed for sale on Hi Point's accessory store as of yet.

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    The Laserlyte that came on my JHP? The switch is a POS. I removed it.

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  12. If I thought the laser would take the pounding I would mount one on the slide. Put it to the rear of the strong hand side of the slide, and then use a low profile holster like the Fobus. I may try it yet, then maybe not.
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    I agree. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't.
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    I agree...switch on the laser is a POS...
  15. In the last several months we started adding the LaserLyte laser sight for HP pistols at the Sportsmans Guide first as a drop ship item from LaserLyte and now a stock item in our warehouse. This is a smaller version without the pressure pad. I was intrigued when we received some in our store as customer returns and bought one and took it home and mounted it on my JHP. I then sighted it in using my SightMark .45 acp chamber laser boresight. After mounting the LaserLyte and zeroing to the bore sight, I smacked the slide of the JHP to see if the laser sight would hold zero. Nope it jumped and wouldn't hold no matter how many times I readjusted and repeated the smack test trying to create what would happen in actual firing. I repeated this at work with 6 different ones we received and none would hold to the point of aim of the laser boresight. Some would max out in the adjustment and were not even close to the boresight. Those were definitely defective, but I'm wondering about those that kept shifting. Could it be my boresighter is moving or more likely the laser site when I rap the the slide with my hand? Since I'm the only one at work with a Hi Point I use it for testing purposes with my boresighter to determine if these are bad or not.
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