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I got one of the Laserlytes on Ebay that is made for the Hi Point 40. I took it to the range today and it only lasted about 5 shots before I had to realign it.

Wound up taking it back off of the gun.

First problem was the screw stripped the mount and I had to rethread the holes and get a bigger screw from Lowes.

Then after my range trip I realized that one of the alignment screws was gone as well (it was intact when I was sighting it but I finally gave up and just used the regular sights)

All in all I have put 300 rounds through this gun (it is second hand and the original owner only shot it a little bit)

Only 3 misfeeds so far - not bad for 300 rounds - or at least I don't think so :)

Good thing is without the sights a custom leather holster from my local gun shop fits the gun now :)

On to my concealed carry class in a couple weeks ;)

Have a good one


P.S. If anyone is interested in what is left of the Laserlyte with the original paperwork and hardware I would let it go for $35 Or best offer (including priority mail shipped to the US) I paid $71 on ebay but like I said it is missing one of the adjustment screws now but I figure you could get one from Lowes. Payment via PayPal.

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A picture would help, as would posting it in the for sale section ;)

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Lasers aren't my bag... sorry.
Keep shooting, it'll break in soon enough... then it's smooth sailing from there.
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