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Last October 14, it was

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announced that the US only had 25 days of diesel fuel left to run the US economy.

Tucker Carlson has released a video discussing this matter.

I don't have a link.

Pretty serious stuff.

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The diesel "shortage" is probably a bunch of hooey. I asked my boss a couple of days ago. Love's is our preferred supplier for the fleet. They are saying today it would be fine.

It's constant doom barfing out from every corner of the news. This shit is making me say, "big fucking deal." Diesel is not increasing in price around here. Some places are at $4.73
Evertime you get on the tube, radio, radio talk shows etc it always something new.
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They are playing a psyop on a grand scale. Here in DILLAGAF TN we just have to laugh..............."if we weren't all crazy, we would go insane."
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And the railroads will go on strike and food, crude oil, doggy diapers, bananas, La Choy Chinese food will go away! But wait! Super Joe will avert the strike with his magic powers!!!!! No mention of Mayor Pete trying to destroy the owner operators of America. Speed limiters! Owner OPs take up the slack that the mega carriers can't handle. Will never be able to handle and frequently screw up!!!

Baby formula shortage? BUUUULLLLLL SHIT!!! An owner op friend has been hauling it for really big bucks! He's hauling it to Chicago to be flown out to (drum roll please!!!!!!!) VIETNAM!
You honestly think it's possible to run out of diesel forever yet still have plenty of crude oil, gasoline, heating oil, kerosene, etc? How does that work?
fuel oil demand is going to go up with the drop in temperatures. Heating oil Kerosine jetA it's pretty much all #1 fuel oil. I can run my dually on it.

Listening to WMAL this week some listeners are calling in with 180 to 360% price increases since last year.

And the EPA doesn't want you to burn wood if there is a wood burning device in your home.
What happened to the power outages for this past summer? Did I miss that? What is the best thing to eat while basking in nuclear fall out?

Power is going out this winter to a wall plug near you!

Refineries. Running at 90% right now. We haven't built a new one since 1971(?) Yet we have been shutting them down.

Sun Oil shut down Duncan, and Tulsa years ago. Some religious TV guy bought a shuttered refinery in California years ago. I don't think they let him open it.
Which is why Owner Operators are parking their trucks. I just hired 4 this week. Its getting hard for them to stay afloat.

And freight rates are down. I was involved with a customer who dropped their freight rates to $1.80 per mile. Headhaul lane to Texas. Where truckers will be lucky to get a buck per mile on the backhaul. O/O are doing it just to try and make a dollar and they are dropping like flies. They are making $3000 and spending $2000 of that on fuel alone. Living on Ramen Noodles and Sardines while wondering how they are going to make their truck payments.

Speaking of equipment costs? Have you paid that any attention? I have 18 2023 International LT625's and 10
KW 990's coming. (9 of the KW's have delivered) $180,000 a piece. And they are still coming in by ones and twos. They are still having trouble getting parts to make them. The KW's sat completed for nearly a month waiting on a hood latch part.
And you told me a week or 2 ago freight rates were really high? Wa-haaaponded? You might want to put someone into booking freight off of Landstar's brokers. You guys got to the NE, right? Nobody wants to go there.
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