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Last October 14, it was

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announced that the US only had 25 days of diesel fuel left to run the US economy.

Tucker Carlson has released a video discussing this matter.

I don't have a link.

Pretty serious stuff.

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Evertime you get on the tube, radio, radio talk shows etc it always something new.
Holy shit ^^^^!!!!!! Which of you heathens hacked Trashys account???
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We're all gonna die. Unless you go out a purchase a 454 casull. You never know when you have to go all road warrior and fight a muppet over the last tank of E85.
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What happened to the power outages for this past summer? Did I miss that? What is the best thing to eat while basking in nuclear fall out?

Power is going out this winter to a wall plug near you!

Refineries. Running at 90% right now. We haven't built a new one since 1971(?) Yet we have been shutting them down.

Sun Oil shut down Duncan, and Tulsa years ago. Some religious TV guy bought a shuttered refinery in California years ago. I don't think they let him open it.
Muppets. Muppets covered in brown. Brown is good on everything
Cartoon Sleeve Yellow Gesture Headgear

The internet "appeared" in the civilian world in 1969......when it began to be released outside of the military and some government agencies. As a Navy cryptologist in the mid-60's, I operated over dedicated military satellite networks, that minus the volume of graphics and format options were not unlike AOL of the 80's.
So your the asshole thats hiding eldars information.

He's a witch!! Burn him
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A simple "No" would have sufficed.
You asked for that.

At least you didn't have a math teacher and a retired firefighter mansplain machining to a machinist. Now that was painful. But at least we had a good laugh at work.
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No, the math teacher and retired firefighter told you that the intelligent person writes the program while the uneducated button pusher just gets to watch it run and babysit a few automated machines running on computers. Then we tried to point out that what you do isn't the same as machining by hand and then with the aid of hole punched ticker tape on ancient inferior machines that required a series of milling stations to complete a single piece, can't be compared to a modern CNC mill with multiple tool heads and its 4, 5, 7, 9, or 12-axis that can mill a piece from start to finish. Not to mention the fact that the casting process has actually gotten a lot better since 1947 and the Russians proved the point for before most of us were even born because they never even considered using cast ingots and switched back to stamping them from machining them out of billet steel, after they sorted out the process. That was the entire point of the exercise until you decided to go full rerun and announce that modern cast ingots are okay and all machining is equal.
Okay know it all. Your right because you googled some shit and twisted it around.
But you have your moment. What ever.
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I figured the "days remaining" was a misrepresented figure, possibly, when it started being reported as 22 days and maybe a week later the figure was reported as 25 days, so apparently there had been some more refined. The figures may be 100% true, but being reported out of context, like that, is fear mongering, nothing more.

Thanks for the clarification @greg_r
All you had to do was look it up to verify it. Took a simple search. How many days did you believe it.
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