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Last one today

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A couple was doing their Christmas shopping in a large mall and decided they could get done quicker if they split up to cover more ground. A couple of hours later the Mrs. was done with her shopping but could not find her husband. She called hubby on the phone, "Sweatheart, I'm ready go now. Where are you?"

" Babe, do you remember that jewelry shop we visited twenty years ago right after we were married? The one that had that beautiful ring you loved? We couldn't afford it then but, remember I promised to return someday and buy it for you? "

Choking back the emotions and tears of joy she said, "Oh yes! Honey, I remember that shop!"

" Well, I'm in the gun store next door. "
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Did ya'll hear about the T-Rex who opened a gun store?

He specialized in small arms firearms.

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