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I hope all things work out the best they can one way or the other. If at all possible I rely wouldn't want Americans shooting at each other.
I agree, we tried that once, we are way to good at it to spar against each other. Soapbox-Ballot box-Jury box-Cartridge box, there are very good reasons for that order as long as all options remain in tact.
I have been thinking about this allot lately. I understand that some people are conservative and some people are liberal. We cant both be right about everything obviously so we cant both be wrong. Indeed there are some insane retarded whack job liberals out there. You will agree with that. There are also some equally disturbed conservatives out there. Examples being people like Timothy McVeigh, The KKK and there are are others. But my point is that even i we disagree o things it would b foolish of one side to let the other have too much power. I understand that you think currently the liberals have too much power. But 2 years ago I would have said the same thing of the conservatives. Admitidly given the opportunity some liberals would strip you of some rights. You may disagree but I know for sure the same of allot of conservatives. Point being if everyone was completely on one side or the other this country would be allot worse off for allot of people. I'm willing to admit right now that some ideas different than mine are probably completely right. But I am also willing to bet that allot of liberal ideas are right too. Is there anyone else willing to admit that they could be wrong and the other side cold be right? Just something allot of people should think about before they get too trigger happy with the revolution stuff.

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