Latest update on my wife.

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  1. After a delay caused by the insurance company being understaffed this close to the holiday, they finally got her approved to be moved to rehab facility today. They tell me she should be on her way by 12-1230 or so. I'll head over there as soon as I get off work. I've got some clothes and shoes and stuff for her. I know it'll be good to get out of that XXXX hospital gown and get dressed like a civilized person again.

    Praise God for all his blessings, and for the answeres to our prayers.

    Keep praying for her. It's still a long road back, but the first steps have been taken. Praise God again, and again!

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    [​IMG] You betcha CB prayers continuing. Soon she'll be back to normal and really giving you a hard time :wink:

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    Will continue with the prayers.
  4. CB, you are on my daily prayer list. No worries man, we gotcha covered.