Layered Pumpkin Dessert....with Twinkies!

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    Okay, I know on our old forum we established a common ground with Twinkies, so here is a recipe for Thanksgiving involving them. Before the Martha Stewart comparisons start, I did not make up this actually came from Hostess.

    This is really easy to make and it's like a combination of Twinkies, cream cheese icing, and pumpkin pie. It's kinda rich the way I make it because I use the extra creamy Cool Whip and one package of regular vanilla and one package of french vanilla.

    Make it for your significant other and tell them you slaved all day over it even though it only takes about half an hour (after you let the whipped topping set in the fridge for 4 hours to thaw, that is).

    This is my second Thanksgiving making this and I've gotten rave reviews for it from everyone who's tried it. I actually got 'committed' to making twice as many this year as last year.

    Just thought I'd share a delicious Twinkie recipe for all my Twinkie loving gun buddies.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Pumpkin = good.
    Twinkees = gods gift to man.
    Together...either heavenly or horrible.

  3. lol neo. Im on a health kick as of late and that has to be as unhealthy as it gets but it sounds SOOOO good. lol hell its thanksgiving.... might as well go for it!
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    I'd eat brussel sprouts if they had cream cheese icing.yum!
  5. Damn it!!! I have to take a PT test in January, and with the holidays right before that, I am gonna have to kill myself just to pass. :shock:

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    OHHH!! GM WHERREE ARE YOOOUUU!!! Twinkie Alert :lol:
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    My wife made this a couple months ago, needless to say it lasted a total of 12 hours in the fridge. :D