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  1. Survival belt thread got me thinking.
    We know there are many former soldiers and Marines here; we also know that many of us use our belts to carry more than just a pair of pants....

    Here is an example of a setup I recently created with the view being towards light duty patrols or hiking or camping...

    This is all based on the old idea of Load Bearing Equipment, like the venerable M1956, M1967 and ALICE gear, also inspired by the British PLCE setups. No small part goes towards the equipment bags carried by the wildfire fighting crews, namely their huge lumbar packs.

    This rig is based on the 1st gen MOLLE Rucksack belt; without the hated plastic insert.
    I have made a couple of V strap adapters to enable one to use the Tactical Tailor upper harness portion with the belt as shown.

    Base setup.

    View of the V adapter, using the Strap Divider from ITW-Nexus, 1.5" webbing tapered and sewn to 1" webbing. TT harness has 1.5" webbing going to the top of the divider.

    Close up of how the lower straps attach, 1" webbing and Tri-glides to the metal loops on the belt.

    Lumbar pack attached. The pack is roughly 10x13 on the back, 9x13 on the front, with 6x13 side panels; this is nearly double the size of the USGI butt packs; about twice the volume. It is capable of carrying quite a bunch of things... I have my USGI Poncho liner and a warm jacket stuffed in there.
    Side view
    With gear attached. 2x CMVS triple mag pouches, 2x Canteen overs, 2x TT Large Utility pouches, and TT Medic pouch pardon the messy room. cleaned it afterwards
    Upper view. pardon the toes.
    Other version of the 1st gen belt; it is a 3 piece design, with three loops on the outer sleeve pieces and the center piece has the 1.5" webbing and main belt area. it is adjustable just like the next generation MOLLE II FL vest ; or the earlier SPEAR ELCS H harness system.
    This version is more common, however many shops cut off the 1.5" webbing and sell the belt as a warbelt for the user to modify or use... shown with the same TT harness and V adapters.
    Here is a hypothetical patrol setup. from outboard to inboard;
    2x Grenade pouches, 2x CMVS Triple mag pouches, 2x Canteen covers, and finally, 100rd SAW pouch that has the plastic FAK box insert from the older Jungle FAK .
    Basically, this specific belt kit has 6 AR mags, 2 canteens, and FAK, with the smaller pockets on the triple mag pouches and the grenade pouches carrying additional items.
    This set up also allows the user to have a Medium ALICE rucksack or a 3 day bag, or even a Large ALICE ruck or the MOLLE rucksack if lower the H harness a bit to hang down further, like on the ALICE setups.

    The original MOLLE vest with ruck waist belt.

    The orignal MOLLE vest with Utility belt.
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    Your skills are very impressive, camodeafie!!
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  3. Thanks! DSCF1449.JPG
    Size comparison; M1967/ALICE training pack on left, MLCE IIFS ALICE/MOLLE 1 Training pack on right; and the green lumbar pack I made in the middle. It definitely has double the volume of the small green pack, and maybe 1/3 more than the camo pack. Just looks huge on the waist belt.
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    Maybe that depends on who's waist you are looking at ??
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    You do some nice work there, and you clearly are thinking things thru. I like what mods you've come up with.

    The lumbar pack seems perfectly sized, not too big or too small.

    I have some overalls that need a patch on the upper pocket where my dumbphone (flip phone)has begun to wear it out, can you patch it for me? :D
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  6. Overnighter-3 days, depending on food and amount of clothing carried;
    DSCF1601.JPG mostly packed in; except for canteens

    DSCF1602.JPG another view

    DSCF1603.JPG The contents of all the external pouches; except for the AR15 lol

    Food in TT Large Utility pouch, water and cup on canteen, canteen cover obviously, and ammo in CMVS Triple Ammo Pouch
    DSCF1605.JPG Nalgene bottle, 10x10 tarp and paracord goes into opposite side Large Utility pouch, medical supplies and emergency foil blanket goes into Medium utility pouch with the med insert, fire starting kit, minus the waterproof match case (missing) and back up fire starting (lighter anf need get flint/steel/magnesium thing), Esbit stove, and tent stakes all goes into other Medium Utility Pouch.

    DSCF1606.JPG Hirsch Weiss (White Stag) Goose Down sleeping bag and clothing out of the main bag.
    L-R; Poly/Merino wool long johns, Mossy Oak lightweight baselayer shirt, extra BDU pants, Rocky Mtn merino wool socks, and extra underwear on top of the goose down sleeping bag.

    Depending on the weather, I would already be wearing a fleece pull over, or at least have it attached to my lumbar pack along with the GI sleep pad, and I would also have a rain poncho, or a lighter weight nylon rain jacket, or the M65 Field Jacket without liner, in addition to my regular base layer and BDU or cargo pants.

    All in, it weights just shy of 25 pounds, given the weight of the ammo and water being the primary heaviness. I can replace the heavy 10x10 tarp with an ultralight silicon impregnated nylon tarp I made, which fits into a triple ammo pouch, and could free up the Large Utility Pouch for more food or extra clothing if needed.
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  7. Time to update this thread...
    Woodland MOLLE light duty/fast belt kit;
    LBV shoulder pads
    MOLLE II Utility Belt
    SPEAR ELCS H harness panels
    2 OD straps cut and attached to back buckles, strap ends policed by tan tri glides
    2x CMVS Triple AR mag pouches
    2x 100rd SAW/Utility pouches
    2x Canteen carriers/utility pouches.
    Main kit would be in woodland Medium ALICE with DEI 1609 frame like so. Or any of my other packs, depending on how much junk/gear I bring :rolleyes:
    20200520_160824.jpg 20200520_160504.jpg
    20200105_114958.jpg 20200105_115014.jpg
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    HUGE fan of LBE gear! It spreads the weight good and allows you to keep your most importants items on you, without going through your bag.