LC9, M&P357, CZ75BD, and JHP at the range today

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    Went to Target Master's in Garland today to test the LC9, and play with the other pistols. I have been ignoring them and shooting rifles the past couple months and they were depressed.

    The target pic has the first 21 rounds from the LC9 at 10 yds. I like that little pistol. Recoil is not bad, trigger is very good, and sights are OK. I am really impressed with it. I fired 150 rounds, 100 115 gr FMJ, and 50 124 gr HP. Everything fed and ejected fine, accuracy is good enough for what it is. Head shots at 10 yds or less are no problem.

    JHP worked like a champ, it is the bottom target, 3 mags worth of hole there. Ended up running 99 rds through it with one failure to feed that was definitely my fault as soon as I fired I knew I had limp wrested it. I will not blame the pistol for my stupidity.

    M&P357 and CZ75 were their boring selves, dead reliable and accurate. Emptied all 4 mags for each to change out the HD ammo.

    All in all I had fun, I did get a Zombie horde target and practiced head shots. That was a ball. I need to order some of them online.

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