Learn me about Czech surplus rilfes

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  1. tallbump

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    So, my daughter just did a report for school on a country. She picked Slovokia because she knows we're Slovak on my dad's side.

    Not sure if we are from the part that is now the Czech Republic or Slovokia. I did learn that my family's name was changed when they moved here.

    Anyways since her and I are both into firearms, I thought it would be cool to someday get a mislurp Czech rife.

    I know they had a VZ 54 and those are cool, but what else do they have? And which one would be the cheapest to get?

    Perhaps I could sell my Mossberg 500 or trade for one......

    Someone got some info? I tried doing some research but didn't come up with much

    Hey Al, I know you have one. Can you post some pics? I'd love to show Mac
  2. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    CAI is making an absolutely gorgeous bakelite furnitured VZ58. My LGS has one in stock for $629 and I'm giving it moderately serious consideration. Fit and finish looks good and it hand functioned real smooth. This is a file photo. .

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  3. tallbump

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    THat's really cool.

    I see CZ is making some stuff.

    Really looking for like the Mosin equivalent
  4. bscar

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    I'm sure a browse on classic firearms will land you something
  5. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    Czechpoint Arms also makes a poly vz58 in both 7.62 or 5.56
    Its not nearly as purty as the CAI bakelite, but overall its probably a much higher quantity gun.
  6. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Back in the day, they were like Germans in regards to engineering and machining. I have a fellow teacher that went there on an LDS mission, he loved the place and the people.

    My Czech guns are two pistols, and one Rifle, the VZ 24, which was like the 88 Mauser action and bolt, but with the shorter K98 style barrel. Plus a pair of Modern CZ rimfires, excellent guns.

    Slovakian models of the 24 were made in Povazska Bystrika, 1938-42, and so were nearly all made for the German occupation forces. They should have a "4" in the code, like E4-lion-number. That's how they say the serial...it's E, then a lion stamp, then a year number then some serial number. See the pic below. They also made other stuff for the older Hapsburg regimes prior to WW1, but I don't know what.

    The Czech's made them in the BRNO plant, and prior to the Germans, the guns were marked with a "Rampant Lion" crest.
    After WW2, they kept making them for their Russian led troops, but they were more like the K98.



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  7. lklawson

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    Milsup CZ's are some fine firearms. I own 3; one CZ70 annd two CZ52's (one stock and my favorite shooter, a customized model).

    They are well constructed and the engineering is excellent.



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  8. FlashBang

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    I love the Czech firearms, well made and reliable. I have a bunch of CZ52's, CZ70's, CZ82's, CZ50's and the VZ24 rifles. Prices are up higher then they used to be, but they are still to be had a decent prices.

  9. lklawson

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    Doh! I forgot my '82!

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  10. Visper

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    Talon, I got one from PSA, they still have a few in stock at a much cheaper price than your LGS. Here is the link:


    I've had it out a few times and its an absolute blast to shoot. It comes with 3 magazines, cleaning kit and sling.

    If you want the bayonet I found them here at a decent price:


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  11. tallbump

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    Hmmm...I was thinking a rifle, probably the vz24 but now I'm loving the CZ 82