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  1. GoesBang

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    I've been using the Auto Disk on my Lee dies for a couple of months now. I had never used the disks, only the micro charge bar. Success was varied and consistency was questionable. Always within a 1/10 of a grain however.

    I got a second Auto Disk and decided to try using a disk. I had also decided to try a different powder.

    The Lee VMD chart showed the .40 sized orifice for my measurement. It weighed 3/10 light. I stepped up to the .43 orifice and was dead on.

    I periodically checked the charge weight and was never more than .05 gr off.

    Amazing difference.

    I am building a third Auto Disk now and will either use it on a third powder or a dedicated charge.

    I think the powder might have had a little bit of a difference too.

    Charge bar - TiteGroup

    Disk - Bullseye
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    The VMD depends on the bulk density of the powder, and that varies from lot-to-lot and from how you filled the measure and how much vibrations settled the powder.
    I never got the ACB to work at any setting except almost fully open.
    I find the disks to be spaced well enough for any normal shooting needs. Most accuracy loads are accurate over several tenths of a grain and one cavity or the other will cover this range.

  3. FlashBang

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    The charge bar works best with ball powders, the disks work good with stick and flake.

  4. Rachgier

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    I actually have 2 auto-disks myself thanks to Bull's generosity a while back. I concur with Flash's statement about how the powder's shape can interfere with consistency. I think Branth (maybe) solved his problem of inconsistent metering by adding a vibrator to his hopper.

    I have the double disk kit on the one I use for rifle rounds, and the normal kit on the other for pistol rounds. I got in the habit of tapping the hopper before throwing the charge. The turret does a pretty good job of keeping things shaken up as it goes around, but a couple of extra raps on the hopper never hurts. I don't have my notebook handy right now, but if I remember (don't hold your breath) I'll check and see what disc opening I use for my .40 loads. I run a little hot on my recipe, but they are nice and consistently accurate. Talon may even be willing to verify that statement from a deal I did with him.
  5. GoesBang

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    Do you have the round or square hoppers?

    I switched to all round ones.
  6. Rachgier

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  7. GoesBang

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    A guy in Ohio is machining an aluminum charge bar for me. $35
  8. I would like to see that one. Will the hole line up with the hopper's hole?
  9. GoesBang

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    Why wouldn't it?
  10. Because the Lee charge Bar does not line up very well with the hopper and with a small charge like 2.5 grains of TiteGroup you will get from zero to 2.5 grains. charges over twice that weight are OK. I had to add shims to the front to get it under the hole and get consistent charges.

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  11. GoesBang

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    I believe that this one should work better than the original, but I won't know until I receive it and try it.
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    Weighing is the best way to go

    The discs measure on the low side but the dippers are way off on the low side
    loading .223's with H322 scale showed 22gr weighed the dipper 19 gr.I know it takes more time to weigh but with better results in the long run
  13. brownwater

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    I weigh every load with an electronic scale. It my be a little anal but every bullet I build Is custom in that the case is trimmed, powder measured to .02 gr. And bullet seated within .002" of its required length. All of my bullets are made to each barrel and within .005-.007" of the rifling.
  14. GoesBang

    GoesBang Supporting Member

    I'm checking randomly with a Redding RS-1. Really old and very reliable.

  15. brownwater

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    Looks good. How old is it? I've given my Lee scale to my grandson. It's neat watching him weigh powder charges. He gets so intense, he's even told me not to breathe to hard while he's charging.
  16. FlashBang

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    Yep.. and for my purpose built rounds they are set to the specific rifles leade and also set for maximum concentricity. ;)
  17. undeRGRound

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    How much leade clearance do you use, in general, Flash?
    Am I even saying that right? I'm thinking of
    "space before the bullet engages the grooves" :confused:
  18. FlashBang

    FlashBang I Stand With Talon Lifetime Supporter

    Depending on the rifle and the bullet I set it as close as possible to minimize the jump. Different bullets have different dimensions and you want to set to the ogive of the specific bullet you are using as opposed t OAL. I have found that .020 off the lands tends to work well. Some rifles like more and some like less, you need to load and test what works the best in yours.

  19. brownwater

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    Sounds good to me FlashBang. Whatever works the best. I used to go strictly by the book but the more books I read the more conflicting info. Even the manufacturers differ. I understand the liability that exists so they have to cover their a**.

    My father was a sniper in Korea and when I turned 13 my dad's M1 was given to me by my mother along with the flag that was presented to her and all of his medals.
  20. brownwater

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    My uncle was a gunnery Sargent and taught me every thing he knew about reloading and guns. He made the the man I am today. Most of my best memories have been around guns and ammo. OBTW I hit the send button to soon. Sorry