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    Owned it just over a year now. Christmas present in 2014. At first I didn't like it. Was used to a single stage and felt like I lost a little bit of control by automating, even if not a true progressive. Now that I've gotten used to it I really like it!

    I like the fact that I can set up my dies and then just leave them alone. I have 380, 9mm, 38 special, 45 acp/ar, 300 blk, and 7.62x39 set up and use it like a turret press. I have 223 and 30/30 set up in a turret and 280 Rem and 7.62x54R set up in another turret. I use those like a single stage. I have two more turrets set up, one with sizers in .224, .309, .311, and .314. The other is set up with sizers in .356, .452, .460, and a universal decapping die.

    I find that t can do 250 + rounds an hour as a turret. Great in 9mm, 300 BLK and 7.62x39 as I seem to go through a bunch of those. Only 50 to 75 rounds per hour with the 223 and 280 as I load both of those for extreme accuracy, weigh and trickle each charge. I can fill 2 trays an hour with the 30/30 and 7.62x54R so 100 per hour for those. The difference is in charging the case, I simply throw the charges with a powder measure.

    So far I have not even had to replace the square nylon bushing used to advance the turret, although I do have spares in place just in case.

    I am very happy with my Lee Classic Cast Turret Press. I still reccommend to those that "want to try " reloading to start with the Lee Reloader Press so they will have minimal investment involved if they don't like reloading, plus I use the argument that you will always find a need for a second press, but I haven't used my Reloader Press in a while now! But for those who know they want to reload or those who want to increase productivity without going to a full progressive, the Lee Classic Turret is a great place to start!
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    I have a feeling I will be going that route, a lot of the same calibers even, especially 300AAC.

    Still want to start with the single stage to get the steps down and slow it up for me. Aim small miss small as they say!!

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    You can pull the index rod out of the turret and run it like a single stage, then hand spin the turret when you're ready to move on.

    GLUGLUG Supporting Member

    Excellent. Have really been eyeing these. Need to step up production a little without going Dillon.
  5. Visper

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    Wife bought me the single stage for Christmas, going to make my progressions slowly.

    I can definitely see myself liking it and upgrading though.
  6. Rachgier

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    That was just an FYI if you do bump up to the turret. I used mine that way for the first few runs so I could learn the process by repetition.
  7. Visper

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    Gotcha. Don't worry I'll be picking your brain along with many others I'm sure over the next year... lol :D
  8. Rachgier

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    Here's another freebie.

    Buy a turret plate holder from MaryB. Once you start picking up more calibers, you'll realize you're going to need more turrets and a safe way to store them. I think she makes a complete kit for you to assemble.

    I actually have to order 2 more from her.
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    Wait... does that mean your going to charge me later?!?! :eek::eek:
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    This is the best way I have found to store the turrets. Also stores your shell holders. The price is right at $16 and they ship fast.

    Sorry, for some reason I can not get the link to paste here, but the company is called Inline Fabrication.

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