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I have two presses, main one if a Lee 4 hole Turret press and the second is a Lee Hand Press. Right now I use the Turret press to do all my loading on and really like it a lot. The Hand Press is used with a Universal De-Capping die and thats what I decap all my spent cases with.

The only time you will have an issue with the Hand Press is when doing full length sizing on large rifle cases, then it can be a handfull. For handgun cases its a breeze to use. For someone who does not need to loads hundreds-thousands of rounds at a time and do not have room for a full bench setup the Hand Press is the way to go.

Once I get a set of dies for 7.62x39 I intend to use the Hand Press with that caliber exclusively and keep the Turret press set up for my handgun loading.

As far as MidwayUSA... I do all my online reloading business with them and have been very pleased with their service and super fast shipping. Prices are within a $1 of other online shops but the real savings comes in on their shipping. They offer many different shipping choices and always select the cheapest to start with, other sites just offer one method and max their charges to make up for lower prices.

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