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The purchase of the Ruger SFAR has stirred up the want for the new Lee Pro 6000 progressive press. I know the Lee Classic Cast Turret will do a fine job. And swapping calibers is easy. Basically replace the head, primer arm and shell holder. Easy Peary. 4 strokes of the handle will give me a perfectly serviceable loaded cartridge. I certainly don’t need a new press to load my 308 cartridges

But this is not about need, it’s about want.

The Lee Pro 6000 is the newest in the Lee Precision stable. Somewhat similar to the Lee 4000, but different. The PRO 6000 is a 6 station counter clockwise rotating progressive press. It has a new primer feed system that intrigues me. It basically feeds a primer into a shuttle that moves the primer to the seater. Looks to be a pretty neat system. 6 stations is more than enough. It would take a standard 2 die set and allow me to add a powder charging die, powder COP and a crimp die. I would still have an empty station. The press would be dedicated pretty much to 308 Winchester, set-up to load what I call my 7.62x51 loads. Basically my system is to load upper mid-range loads using 147 - 150 grain bulk FMJ bullets. Not unlike my 5.56x45 set up that loads upper mid-range 62 grain FMJ’s. The press will likely be set up to load 5.56x45 as well. I am waffling on that too, as I sometimes switch my Lee Pro 4000 to load 5.56x45. My hunting loads in each cartridge gets loaded on a single stage press. Powder is measured, not thrown by volume and the bullets are expanding type.

The Lee Pro 6000 intrigues me. I do want one. I have one in my cart at MidwayUSA. It’s on back order, expected to be in stock by the middle of the week. All that will happen is my card will get charged, the product will ship, and I will probably have it by next weekend. I am hedging though. As I said, I don’t need one and I am just not sure if my wants should overpower my needs. And the Lee Classic Cast Turret Press is no slouch. I am wondering if I should just remove it from my cart??? Decisions, decisions…….
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