Lee Progressive Pro 1000 Autodisk Upgrade

Discussion in 'Reloading Room' started by lapetrarca53, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. Freed from the chains that bind (or break occasionally) me!

    Recently stumble across a spring return upgrade to replace the chain configuration on my Lee Pro 1000.

    I've never had much of an issue breaking chains...if you use a Pro 1000 you know what I'm talking about.....but I had heard rumor that this upgrade was available and, when I came across it for around $4.00 and some change, I took a chance.

    Installed it last evening and run a few dummy cartridges through and it seems to work just fine. Planning on going into production mode with it tonight.......




  2. 60ratrod

    60ratrod STFU CARL! Member

    Breaking chains were the reason i fabbed a return link rod. This kit seems much easier through

  3. noylj

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    I really prefer spring returns on all my Lee, Hornady, and Dillon measures.
    The only negative about the Lee spring is it is so stiff and pulls the linkage off center, that after about 10,000 rounds or so the lever can bend and bind. Just something to watch for--I assume you inspect every case for charge height and DON'T short stroke the press.
  4. GoesBang

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    Heh. This is not an upgrade. The chain system is what comes with the Pro Auto Disk.

    What you have comes on the standard Auto Disk with the square powder hopper.