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  1. I am looking to purchase a hi-point (not sure which caliber yet) but I shoot left-handed. Will this create a problem for me since the hi-points are not ambidextrous in respect to the safety and clip release? I really don't have a lot of money to spend for my first handgun. Just wanting something for home protection and to shoot at the range now and then. Thanks
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    :welcome:to HPFF!


    PS: Many folks shoot these lefty, you just have to adjust your
    "manual of arms" to the weapon. You can activate/deactivate
    the safety with your right hand, over the slide. I suspect you
    can hit the mag release with your middle finger of the left.
    Just takes a bit of adjusting. I have tried various methods
    of operating my wide range of guns, several are different
    and require small changes to get them to operate.

    You should be FINE! :D

  3. undeRGRound

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    PPS: Get the JCP and a matching 4095 carbine.
    They are the BEST! In Many Ways ;) ;)
    :welcome:to Caliber Wars :D
  4. Thanks for reply. Believe me, I am trying to figure out a way to get both the pistol and the carbine. Those carbines are [email protected]:D
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    Point-n-Shoot BLISSS!!! :D
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    Don't listen to the mole, he is caliber challenged. :p :D Get the JHP and 4595.

    Just kidding, all are good, but with the JCP/4095 and JHP/4595 you can use the same mags in pistols and carbines. Makes your life a lot easier.
  7. MXGreg

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    I'm a lefty (although I have now switched primarily to shooting handguns right handed). When shooting a HP left handed, I would work the safety and mag release with my trigger finger. It's quite easy to do.
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    How is the Grand Poobah of Ammo Whores caliber challenged???
    :rofl: I prolly have more 45 ACP ammo and weapons than any other
    pistol caliber! Now if you dare to run 45 SUPER
    I'd say the 4595 would trump the 4095 even with the lower mag capacity!

    BBTI has shown that 45 Super is better than 460 Rowland in a carbine :eek:
    The 45 Super develops better ballistics in the long barrels, and
    460 Rowland is a better match for the short barrels.
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    Mole's the equivalent of a braindead, well.....mole. Don't listen to him. Seriously.

    4595 and the corresponding pistol if your a man. If your not sure, or have a gf or kids, get the 995.

    Oh and they dont have clip releases they have MAG releases.
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    If you want to match the caliber between pistol and carbine so that the mags interchange, go with either the 4095 or the 4595. Never mind these animals. They'll terminology nazi you to death. Clips, mags, or clipazines. Call them whatever you want.

    You should be able to pick up both for around $500, if you look hard enough.
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    I shoot left-handed strings during practice sessions, and I have no problems with the manual of arms. You can easily activate the magazine release button with your trigger finger.
  12. Moestooge

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    I'm a lefty who has no problems - just enjoyment and accurate groups - with a JHP .45 ACP and .380 Hi-Point. Go with the .45, as it's pure fun.
  13. USMC_VET

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    I'm a southpaw But during a nice adventurous 12 week vacation at MCRD San Diego I was shown how to shoot right handed . Back then we were using Vietnam era Colt M16A1 rifles that did not have brass reflectors . Nothing like hot brass flying down your BDU top and t shirt , that made you quickly learn to shoot right handed
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    Brain-Dead Mole > Bird-Brain IQ :p

    Just Sayin' :D
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    NE Utah
    He's in Ohio, not New York.;)

    In many states, you can do it for under $400, with the right sales. $450 at normal prices in the places I frequent.

    I'd have to look hard to get up near $500, since the JHP/JCP are about $180 and the carbines are about $300 at the expensive places.:p
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    I know, but i was being polite. I kinda like you a bit, didn't want it to come across like i didn't. ;)
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    I am left handed. I have had trouble with hitting the mag release and dropping magazines while shooting C-9's. Something that I have never done with any other gun. I have never shot a Hi Point pistol in 40 or 45, so I can't give you any feedback on those.
  18. I am debating between the C9 and the 45 only due to cost of ammo. I am the soul provider in my house so I have to budget accordingly. I have looked at both in local gun shops and held them as well. Both feel very comfortable to me. It is funny though, when I have asked to see them, the sales associate will try to show me other more expensive brands. I would be proud to buy a product from my home state plus the lifetime warranty is a no- brainer.:D
  19. talon

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    Honestly, if its your only gun, go with the .45
    Nothing to do with the larger caliber, but from a reliability stand point. The C9 is the most problematic of the HiPoint lineup. Nothing major mind you, but small things like feed issues -usually mag related. All fixable and almost any issues goes away after a break-in period, but the fact remains the C9 is the largest complaint reciever of all HP guns. The 45 on the other hand gets almost zero issues reported.
    If you need to be certain its going to work right every time from the very first trigger pull, get the .45 caliber.

    I own a C9 and enjoy it, but it has had a few hiccups during break-in. A few failure to ejects and a few failure to feeds, and until it hit around 300 or so rounds fired, it would not feed hollow points. Its a great gun, and its not my only, so i could "afford" the risk of it not being a surefire thing early on. But if it was my only gun, i too would have gotten the .45
  20. histed

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    OK, I got here late and Talon stole my speech. Fortunately, he's right (often is on these things). And, like a couple of other guys have said, I shoot left-handed and the mag release is a nonissue, as is the safety. Practice - you'll soon be running both with your trigger finger and not notice it isn't ambi.