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  1. LeftyShooter34

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    I'm new to HP and am going to pick up my 995ts tomorrow. Just curious if there are any other lefty shooters out there who have fired the 995ts, also if there is anything I need to do "special" to it before going to the range. I appreciate the feedback. Thanks.
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    Ya just have a few drinks before you go so you can blame that on your crappy shooting. LOL
    Just kidding

  3. LeftyShooter34

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    Haha! I figure if I hit the target I'm doing good. Lol
  4. I'm a lefty, and there is no difference that matters. All the controls, mag release, safety, charging handle, are on the left...so nothing you haven't dealt with before. If you can use right handed scissors, you can use this carbine with ease! :D
  5. Bull

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    Welcome to the forum from a MO lefty!
  6. I seem to be the only lefty that has the problem with spent brass hitting my shoulder. I don't know if it's the way I hold my 995 ts or what but I am 6'1" and 295lbs.
  7. Bull

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    I've only got the pistols.... Dunno...
  8. I shoot LH and have no trouble with the 995TS. Ejected brass does not hit me at all. Actually, the charging handle on left side is very easy to use,(unlike a RH bolt gun). Safe/fire lever is very workable. As always, lefties must "adapt and overcome".
  9. LeftyShooter34

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    Great! Thanks for the info. Any suggestions on the best ammo to use?
  10. My 995 ts likes everything I have feed it so far, definitely not picky about ammo so far. I have tried a bunch of different brands and it eats them all.
  11. LeftyShooter34

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    Nice, I can't wait to get it on the range.
  12. Dagwood

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    Cheap!! Any ammo will do, steel case, aluminum case, brass case, lacquer coated!

    Honestly, the carbines aren't particular about ammo.

    I am also a lefty and have had no problems operating the carbines or with getting hit with ejected brass.

    Gotta Love The Carbines!!!
  13. Just be consistent..

    Whatever you shoot, try to shoot the same load every time. This builds in muscle memory and trajectory memory that will increase your hit ratio.

    The cheapest are the 115 gr. fmj,and for target work that is just fine!

    If you want to hunt hogs, or such, I'd recommend the 124 gr 'P', or '+P' loads. Just be certain to hit the range before you hunt, so you can re-zero your sights for both the heavier slug, and the hotter load.

    Further, as best you can, practice at two to three specific shooting distances. Mine are 25, 50, and 100 yards. I try to position my "hide" to where my hunting shot will be taken at one of these ranges. It's easier to get down to "minute of hog's eye" accuracy when placing a shot, due to muscle memory and consistent practice at those ranges.
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    I'm left handed, and like where the charging handle is... hold the pistol grip, rotate the gun 90 degrees clockwise, rape the bolt back, shoulder and get after it... never had a brass issue, but then I own a TCP and a G19... so I am not scared of those hot cases anyways... :D
  15. USMC_VET

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    Southpaw here but I learned to shoot the correct way in the military !!
  16. lklawson

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    Only advice I can give to lefties without knowing more or seeing them shoot is this: Shoot to your dominant eye, not your dominant hand. Many lefties seem to be cross-eye (right) dominant. If you're among them, shoulder the blamed thing on your right and shoot "righty."

    Other than that, wear full eye protection, long sleeves, and a shirt that closes closely at the collar. You'll be ejecting brass to the right, right on top of your left arm, face, and neck, depending on how the carbine wants to spit brass at you.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Fellow lefty here. You'll like the carbine.
  18. ItBeMe

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    Walmart has Federal 9mm & 40cal Aluminum $9.97 for the 9.
    I am teaching my dog and wife to catch the spent brass in the mouth as it fly's out, they are both getting very good at it. :D
  19. USMC_VET

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    What changed my shooting stance was while in the military and having hot brass hit me when I was shooting my M16A1 . With the help of range safety officials ,instructors even my DI I learned to shoot r/handed