Lefty Compatible??

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    I'm interested in buying one of these ..but was wondering if there are any issues shooting them left handed ..I've owned/shot many RH semis that were ok to shoot LH..but on some of these pistol carbines with the ejection port further back and the mag release under the trigger finger was wondering if anyone has reported issues with it?

    Any info appreciated..Thanks
  2. I shoot left handed and have never had a problem with my 995. You'll love yours, I know it.

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    Welcome to the forum :D
    I think we have quite a few lefties here, and I don't seem to remember anyone complaining about lefty related issues, so I think you'll be ok. I've had some hot brass bounce off my arm a few times, but it's not bad.
    The mag release sits close enough to a joint in my trigger finger that theres no pressure on it, and it seems stiff enough that you would have to press it deliberately... but that's just in my experience, results may vary.
  4. I shoot rifles lefty and have had no problems at all with either of the Hi Point carbines as far as spent casings or anything like that.
  5. I am right handed but shoot rifles southpaw because my eyes are cross dominant from the rest of my body. lol.

    Anyway, I have no problems shooting the 995.

    It might actually be a bit safer, because it forces you to take your left hand off the trigger to chamber a round!
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    Welcome flyby to our forum.
    Being left handed also there isn't a problem for shooting a 995. put on a big red dot aim point and Have a ball with it.
  7. As a righty, I've always been bothered by the fact that the operating handle is on the left side. They probably couldn't put it on the right and still cut the receiver to hold it open, but it still bugs the hell out of me.
  8. we've had this question asked many times before. It works just fine lefty. Just like any other gun you just have to loose your grip a bit to drop the mag or flip the safety. No big deal, works great.
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    The 995 is pretty much designed for us lefties, the charge handle is on the left dide as is the safety. My Thompson was on the right side, although some models have the charge handle on top. I put the laser button on the left fore-end.[​IMG]
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    Thanks All!..for the input ..looks like it will definitely be the hi-point ..I also looked into the kt sub2k as I have a p32 bug that has been dead reliable in over 1k rds ..but it seems the sub2k is not as user friendly for us lefties..i've seen a few reports of it regularly spewing hot brass and debris rearward directly into the users face :shock: ...also the ability to easily mount an RD or optics,after market stock and this nice support forum is another big bonus w/the Hi Point 8)
  11. the kel-tec is bad to send a bit of burning/burnt powder onto your right cheek. Never had issue with getting hit w/ the brass from it though. Still an excellent little bugger.