Legacy Puma .454 casull

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    does anybody own one of these or has anyone shot this rifle? i am thinking about buying one and have read some good reviews and some bad ones too but for the most part it seems like maybe the problem with cracked stocks is from people letting them bounce all over when they touch that cannon off... know shooters dont seem to have problems with them
  2. I want to get my hands on a Puma in .38/.357Mag but they are hard to get right now due to popularity of Single Action Shooting. I came across a super nice, brand spanking new, stainless Puma in .44 Mag today. That thing looked so darn good it was all I could do to keep the credit card in my wallet.

    As far as the .454, I have only handled them in the shops so no real expierence. One thing I didnt like was the tube. It can be loaded from the load gate or by removing it and dropping shells into the tube like the tube feed rimfires. As light as the Puma is, and with the Win 92 style stock, I cant imagine the recoil of the .454.... can you say ouch!

  3. The 454K is the caliber of choice I am looking for in a lever, second in line is a 30-30
  4. never shot a .454 casull in a rifle. But I must say its freaking awesome in a wheel gun. The one I shot was an older ruger with 7" barrel I think. Quite a bit of kick(duh, its a 240-300grn jhp at 1600-2000 fps!

    For me(big guy) it is quite manageable. I enjoyed shooting it.
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    oh im ready to get smacked by this thing... im a big fan of the casull but my 6'1" 155lb frame isnt going to let me shoot a revolver and enjoy it.
    the main reason i want it is to become my go to gun for any kind of big game hunting probably leave open sights on it too.
  6. I'm thinking that this is the gun that can also shoot 45LC loads.

    If so, then that means it should be able to shoot hot heavy loads since its designed to handle 454 casall.

    I would go ahead get it since you can then shoot both 454 and 45lc.

    Sounds good to me.

    I want to get one of the Puma 357/38spl rifles myself as well.
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  8. Looks to me like a good deal, 2 ammo 1 gun. How can you go wrong there?
  9. Now I really want one of those Puma 45lc/454casall rifles.

    And a Taurus Raging Bull chambered in 454casall/45LC.

    Just so that they could be friends.
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    its always good when guns have caliber buddies :D

    being able to shoot .45 colt loads means that you dont always have to break your wallet our your shoulder if you want to go out and shoot the hell out of it