Lengthening stock on 4095TS

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  1. Quick question, I have bought a 4095TS and since the stock is not adjustable (because it is a little too short for real comfort), has anyone played around with extending the stock by maybe attaching a thick recoil pad somehow to it? An extra 2" would be awesome. If I can't do it so that it is rigid and looks good trying some simple things, I am going to re-engineer the rear of it and make a modification kit that will fit all of them because all 3 are the same. Your thoughts? If I have to get rid of that spring loaded recoil buffer, no big deal and build off of the base stock. None of the 3 produce enough recoil to amount to a hill of beans. Has anybody else dealt with this? I know I am not the only one, that is tall with long arms.
  2. Rachgier

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    A few members have added recoil pads to gain an extra inch or so in the LOP. I have the same issues with it being just a little bit too short.

  3. subarunut

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    I JUST bought a 995ts, same problem. Bought a Limbsaver rubber baby buggy bumper, just pulls on like a rubber foot on a chair, and gives an extra inch. There are multiple sizes, don't get the small or small/medium, they're only about a half inch thick. I got the medium, gives an inch of length but might just be a bit small. Couldn't find the Large anywhere, neither on line, in stores, ebay, etc. That might just be a touch big, but probably the best choice. If you find the large, let me know. I also have a 4095 camo that needs another inch or so to fit right.

    good luck, Ron
  4. Where did you get this at and how much was it? What do I search for? Thanks Ron
  5. subarunut

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    I got the medium at Walmart, they had several in stock, price was about 24 bucks, plus tax
  6. subarunut

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    just checked Amazon, they have a selection of pads, including limbsaver large. Large is about 30, others have all kinds of prices. Limbsaver's website says Dicks and Sportsmans Warehouse and Kmart have them too.
  7. Just have to determine the size difference. Will check maybe they have a chart. Thanks dude.
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    Get the limbsaver Large. That's what I have and it's still a very tight fit on the "meaty" 4095ts buttstock.
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    you don't need to do anything but stretch it out a bit and put it on the end of the butt. No need to mess with anything, and it wont disturb the function of the mag holders
  10. Have got all the add ons except the 3 point sling, already picked out, a simple red dot and the double mags with clips from Hi-Point. Got everything else. Thanks