Less than $8 per 50 rnd.s from centerfiresystems.com

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  1. yesiam

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    115 gr. fmj priced per thousand ... $144.99 before shipping
    3/15/08 e-mail flyer
  2. bermuda8

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    natchez has cci's for 7.49/bx of 50.

  3. The shipping usually ruins it though.

    And Go Blue! Ten years since our last appearance in the NCAA tournament! (I was there. I can't believe it's been ten years.) The biggest flaw about Hi Points is that they're made in Buckeye country!
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    wal-mart by me has 115gr FMJ winchester 100rd boxes for about $15 plus tax.
  5. Re: ammo

    You may want to check that price again. My local wally-world had them for $15 until about 2 weeks ago. Now they are $18 and change. :x

  6. Steel casing tho
    My local Walmarts haven't jacked up their ammo prices yet