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  1. On my website I have a "Pro-Gun Quotes" section and it gets quite a few hits. So I came up with a new site that has pro-gun quotes. It also has links to firearm and ammo manufacturers, pro-gun organizations, gun forums and other websites that people like you and me might be interested in.

    Anyway check it out and if you have any suggestions or links I can add, please let me know.

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    Benny It looks great!! Now if you can add a chat forum, you will be over run with people using it. I for one would be more then happy to pay a "Membership" to make sure that the word on "2A" continues to get out.

    I am a member at the 2A foundation and they do a great deal of good work on our behalf. You site can only benefit us as gun owners. Think about offering a membership deal, My check will be in your hand as soon as you do.

    Great site.

  3. That is pretty slick, sort of a clearing house kind of thing. I like it!
  4. I've thought about a chat forum, but I don't know nothin' about running one. Plus I want to keep the costs as inexpensive as possible.

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  6. I like that, lots of reading to do!
  7. Let me know if you can think of any other categories or sites to add.
  8. Nice dave. I really like your gun quotes page on milsurpstuff.
  9. Thanks, someone sent me a ****load of quotes this morning, I just need to get them updated.
  10. Nice, I second the forum idea
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    Hi-Point Firearms is not in the Manufacturers links.
  12. Thanks. I figured I had forgotten some obvious links. :oops:
  13. I have added several new links.

    About starting a forum--

    What is good "free" forum software?

    How much work would I need to do? :wink: