Let's Dress My Cetme (not)

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  1. Okay, I was in Wisconsin last week, too cold (for me) to go outside, so I started looking up local gun shops on the net. I find a store in Madison (about 20 miles away) advertising "Cetme .308 with 4 mags"

    I go look at it, and it's not a Cetme. I talked a friend into buying one a few years ago and we shot it a bunch with the then-cheap surplus 7.62 NATO. I vaguely recognized it but it was hard for me to read what was on the receiver inside the shop and the thumbhole stock threw me off. It was cheap, so I bought it. I got it back to my daughters, put my glasses back on and under a bright light:
    L1A1 Sporter
    Cal 308
    CAI-St Alban VT
    Cool, I've never owned an FAL but always wanted one! So, here's the deal. I've fired it and hate the thumbhole stock. Several of you people here are much more into surplus rifles than I am, so suggest away.

    What should I do with this? Do I have to replace the lower to put a normal stock and pistol grip on it? It has the B-Square scope mount in place of the dust cover--should I use that for a scope, and how stable is it? Bipod? Flash hider/muzzle brake?

    Any and all advice is welcome. You can even suggest I send it to you, I don't have to follow it! The 4 magazines are 2 metric, and 2 converted inch. The metric work better, by far. Pretend you got this cheap and you want to do something; SHTF rifle, long-range target (let's avoid the s word for the squeamish), whatever. :)
  2. Ugly as is but nothing that can't be cured with a good set of furniture.

    I always wanted a fal too, how much did it set you back?

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    If you paid under 750 for it you got a STEAL. Buy some surplus furniture for it and have fun. oh and check out www.falfiles.com

  4. I LOVE that wood. I want to snuggle that wood in bed and/or use it as a sex toy.

    That would look sweet on that Fal.

    I'm getting jealous thinking about how much he paid for it. Spill the beans!
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    I hope that was a Freudian Slip because that comment definately sounded like some homo-erotic gun freak... no offense, but GEEZ!
  6. LOL.. I never said I would use it as a sex toy for myself!!!
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    Sounded like it... :lol: ...but whatever keeps you out of the news, LMAO!!!!
    A man has been arrested in a bizarre firearm fetish, Find out what the doctors say may have happened to the disappearing pistol grip... TONIGHT AT 11!"
  8. Bo it IS horribly ugly as is. And, while I agree that the pictures Taurus posted are beautiful--you need to get out more!

    And Taurus, that's exactly the kind of response I was hoping for. That would really help this rifle.

    SW, I don't know about $750 being a steal, but when I saw it listed at $375 I knew I was going to buy it if it was a complete .308 surplus rifle of any kind!

    I have checked FalFiles as suggested but I've only got more and more questions. The bolt-hold-open parts appear to be missing, and one of the sites I read stated they were often ommitted from L1A1 rifle--anyone know why? Can I replace them without a problem? If I change the stock do I have to play the 922 game? I'm pretty sure some of you are way ahead of me on these questions and hope you'll chime in with ideas.

    BTW--thanks so far :wink:
  9. Sounded like it to me...
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    Thats nice wood furniture, I would put that on it for sure.
    I should'a had a 308.
  11. The homo-phobia in this thread has ME blushing and I just read it for the first time... SO.... Nice gun NDS, 'grats dude. :oops:
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    Couple of questions: It says L1A1, so that make it a Inch model?
    As far as the muzzle break, it sounds like it dont have one now, and adding it, or the stock, or anything else, is that whole 922 compliance fiasco (IF I Recall Correctly) depending on the year of the rifle.

    Still, I am contemplating a Australian Inch kit locally for $375, paucity of inch recievers be damned....
  13. 375.


    I'm jealous now big time.
  14. elguapo:DSA has inch receivers ($450) and Centerfire systems has L1A1 parts kits and complete rifles.

    Mine does not have a muzzle break/flash hider. I haven't been able to find info yet on year of manufacture, but I'd bet it looks the way it does due to Mr. Bill's AWB...

    Part of the reason I posted this is the hope that someone here has done this and can give me an idea what the cheapest way to meet 922r while improving this ugly rifle.

    bobotech: I know, for that price I had to buy it :shock:
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    Bobo, dude, you bold-faced LOVE in the same sentence with wood. :shock:

    that cracka me up