Lets hear some case tumbling tips and tricks

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    What little "Tricks" do you use when tumbling cases? Ive only been reloading for a couple weeks.. So I dont know a whole lot other than what ive gathered elsewhere on the net. Im using a F/A Tumbler with corncob media. I tumbled various cases for about 2 hours and they were nice and clean but not too shiny so.. I heard that NU-Finish (Car wax) was a good little additive so I tossed a cap full into the mixture and the brass came out nice shiny and clean another tip I got was to toss a dryer sheet or a piece of paper towel into the mix It really traps a lot of the smaller particles and keeps the media less dusty

    Any other little pointers floating around there?
  2. Well, I dont reload... yet, but to clean aluminum I use the tumbling media and some soapy water. The soap emulsifies (sp) the dirt and keeps it away from the metal.

  3. When you buy your media, don't buy it from the gun shop, go to your local pet store and get it in the 25 pound bags for $20.00 like I just did. I now have a 5 gallon bucket full of crushed walnut media for $20.00 bucks rather than buying it for 5 bucks a pound at the gun shop... If your pet store doesn't carry it, ask them and they'll special order it for you... They did it for me.
  4. I need to go do that primal. What is it used for in the pet world?

    Liquid flitz does good for shining it up.

    Now I know that most of the time you're going to be tumbling one caliber anyway, but if you're doing unsorted try and sort it out first. You'll get 9mm's inside 40's, inside 45's, etc. It gets nasty and they can be hard to separate.
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    yeah I hate the stacking of shells. . Its great when you get a .45 that has a .40 that has a 9mm that has a .32 that has a .25 stuck in it! But the Media note is good.. Ill have to check that out whenever It comes time to get new media.

    What is that stuff used for in the animal world? as previously asked... Could it be bedding.. seems rodents would eat it wouldnt they?
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  7. I was going to offer up the dryer sheet but you already got it.
    Tear it into strips first.
    Note - It will also keep your media usable longer.
  8. I haven't tried dryer sheets, I do use paper towels though.
  9. I always leave my primers in place when I tumble. I dont' feel like cleaning primer pockets after tumbling deprimed brass.
  10. Using walnut media i've never had a problem with filled primer pockets. Therefore, I do the opposite: If the brass is fairly clean I deprime first and let the tumbling clean the pockets out well enough so I don't have to use my tool.
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    i usually dont clean out primer pockets anyway as it lessens the life of the brass (loose primers). About 1 in 10 cases with have a small piece of media in the flash hole that i poke out with a wire.

  12. When I do clean primer pockets its just a quick and light turn with the lee tool to get grit out.
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    To each his own. I used to but i ruined 100 pcs of .375 H&H brass (at 1.25$ EACH) with loose primer pockets after three loadings by cleaning primer pockets just like you did. And before you ask-no they werent hot loads, not even close. THe cleaning tool did the damage.

  14. I have never cleaned primer pockets either. I figure, the primer is ejected and will be replaced in the next step, there really shouldn't be any buildup of stuff.

    Haven't had an issue other than once in a while having to ream a military crimped pocket on some odd 45acp brass.
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    I see pockets all the time with crap in them. I tried the the pocket tool but it did not work well for me. I used a Q-tip but only on those that are bad
  16. Sometimes on really dirty brass I add Dillon Rapid Brass Polish to really clean up the really soot covered cases. It's a really good product, but it makes your media get really dirty a whole lot faster. You only add a capful for each load of brass, and it makes that brass shiny as all get out.

    And yes, the pet store sells the walnut media as bedding for birds and reptiles.... Check out that link that Mike_AZ posted, 25 pound bag for $12.00!!! That's a really good deal for the media, as long as shipping isn't that bad.
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    I add most any type of car wax to the media. I think it keeps the dust down. Add the car wax in and run the unit for a bit before you add the brass. Otherwise nasty clogs happen.

    Don't polish brass in the house for lead contamination can be a bad thing.

    Dont bother polishing too much.

    Make sure that you wash your hands after handling ammo. Again lead.

    Don't mix different calibers, You will find out if you do :)
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    A few of the reloaders around here use the chips from a brake lathe for the cleaning media.