Let's talk "drones"

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    It's been discussed about shooting them down etc but, looking for an extra hobby outside of firearms and was thinking it'd be fun. Anyone else here ever dipped into it? Know any good entry level ones?
  2. Nobody needs a drone for pheasant hunting.

    :sorry: couldn't help it.

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    Flash still owes me one :-(
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    I'll take the one he owes!
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    Let's talk "drones"

    Found one for about $60. 8 minute flight time with the camera active and a 50 meter radius. Guess that's good for the price?

    Syma x5c
  6. I've been flying mid to large scale rc planes ( 6 to 8 )foot wingspan. The price, durability, ease of flying quads has greatly improved the past few years. I've had a little exposure to these quads but the few I've tried can be fun. Some of the smaller indoor ones ( 3 to 5 inch span)are a blast to try to fly around your house. Try taking off the kitchen table and flying up stairs and landing on the bed.
    Look at horizon hobby, eflite, flyzone. Plan on getting a few spare props and batteries.
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    The syma I mentioned had the guards around the rotors which I definitely want. Never flew any of them before so I'm sure it'll need to be able to a few hits before I get the hang of it.
  8. I joined the forum a few day's ago to learn more about the Hi Point 995. I also have fun flying RC planes as well. Last year I finally gave FPV a try and started off with the ZMR250 carbon fiber mini H quad.
    It's much less getting started now than it use to be, and like previously mentioned there are lot's of inexpensive quad's you can buy that are load's of fun. The FPV thing is still very new to me and a real out of body experience that's for sure! Recently I've shifted my interest back towards my firearms and the zombie apocalypse. I just need to figure out a way to filter fund's away at a faster rate from my wife's watchful eye so I can buy more of them. :)
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  9. If you have the money they are great fun.
    I have an indoor one about a 4" wing span. It's a hubsan with replacible motors props etc.
    Just don't fall for the toy grade stuff it's junk and when it's broke it's broke.

    I have a friend who is real into quads has multiple FPV rigs with GPS and thousands of dollars in gear.
    Tons of fun.
    I wouldn't worry to much about the camera until you can fly it decent. Maybe even find a nice quad without camera and learn to fly before upgrading.
    They aren't hard to fly like the old copter but it is a skill that takes practice. And patience
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    Drones? Do you mean RC QuadCopters? There's a gazillion of them at every price point.

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    Of course. That's what the quotations were for!
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    They will have a use if SHTF for doing recon... I have seen some cool YouTube footage of guys putting up antennas on 200 foot towers with a quad copter taking video.
  13. If you can charge them hell yeah.

    The guy i know who is deep into them. Works with the sheriff to use them on finding missing persons in the wilderness.

    Also putting up a antennae tower and flying id guess 1 mile away to the nearest town and looking at the Christmas lights.
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    Well, too bad these are used too often for less than just enjoyment.

    1. Locating deer within our small town city limits a few days before season. Then, they show up early AM and try to drive deer out of the city limits along some draws we have here. Caught two of them last year on our PRIVATE 1/2 mile long road flying one with a camera. Lied to me saying they were just looking at this deep valley that is so pretty when snow is on. Two days later those two and about a dozen others were driving deer from here to guns a ways off. Called LEO and went and ordered them off. Finally, they did leave. LEO showed up 2 hours later!

    This year, same two were looking for deer here again just over a week ago. This time I was armed before I ran them off.

    2. So called Realtor's just checking the area out in case I or others may want to sell in the future. BUT, they had no ID to show me they were Realtor's. Nor did they look like any I ever saw. Let me just say dressed Hip Hop and very Ghetto looking. This was last year when we were having many day and night burglaries in the County.. Ring was busted, and they had a drone with camera in their possession. Burglaries stopped immediately.

    I want to see these things as the FAA is studying right now. Licensed and regulated. With lights on them at night as in the proposed rules. I especially like their idea of a transmitter for instant ID in flight that the FAA can monitor.

    The hobby aspect has already been abused beyond repair. Particularly near air port flight paths, and I live right below one from an International Airport.
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  16. good luck with that FAA.

    Im honestly surprised by this.

    The article i read said drones weighing between 1/2lb-55lbs basically any of the nice outside drones. The tiny inside ones will not weigh that much.
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    As long as I still owe it to you I haven't cheated you out of it. ;):rofl:

  18. Its unfortunate the behavior of a few people is jeopardizing a great hobby for the rest of us. I do understand the FAA has a job to do keeping the public safe and holding rules and regulations to a high standard. The term “drone” classically refers to weaponized unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) used in airstrikes. I believe the media has used the term “drone” while referring to RC vehicles to scare the public into thinking that they are the same thing. The FAA wants to regulate the industry and the media hype is helping their case. RC planes, helicopters, and cars are NOT something new, yet all of a sudden there’s tons of exposure on the subject. IMHO if the media isn’t manufacturing fear, there’s no reason to watch their shows or read their newspapers.
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    This all seems a bit familiar...
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