Let's talk Ultrasonic cleaners for hand gun parts

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by ArmyRover, Sep 12, 2016.

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    I'm a little to "chicken s-h1t" to use gas in my heated unit, but I do like others have said and use old glass salsa jars to place my parts and solutions into then set the jars in the unit and fill the unit to level with water.. Results are a solution you can cap and reuse, and a unit that requires no cleaning..

    Gun parts, carb rebuild parts, brass cases, jewelry, etc.. that little cleaner has found a lot of use.. One of my most used solutions is white vinegar/critic acid/water, then a quick rinse in dish water solution followed by compressed air drying...
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    I've never used purple power on aluminum. I think as a concentrate it would etch the surfaces , diluted maybe not so much . I did you use it in concentrated form to clean a few surplus " steel "magazines and it does a good job and will remove some skin if you play in it for very long " I wear gloves now:blush: ".
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    I picked up a bottle of the Hornady cleaner while I was a Cabela's earlier today. I stripped my filthy little Beretta 950sb .22 short and tossed it in. I ran it through about 18 minutes of cycling while I was watching football and putting away ammo etc from my range trip. It came out fantastic. Quick blast with the air gun, some Hornady spray clean/lube and it looked like a million bucks.

    Very happy with the HF ultrasonic cleaner so far.
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    I use the Hornady Hot Tub and Hornady cleaning solution. Its awesome and does a great job. Cleaning solution is safe and Ive used with all types of different guns and finishes. Only thing you dont want to use it on is something you painted yourself. Throw it in (field stripped) at 140 degrees for 20-30 minutes and done. I usually wipe off with a single paper towel afterwards but really no need. It comes out so hott that just sitting on the drain board for a bit will totally dry it, like taking dishes out of the dishwasher. Also if you want you can purchase ultrasonic lubrication and give it a 2nd cycle soaking to lube it
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    I have switched to balistol cleans great and lubes as well