Lets Unite and get this info Posted Everywhere..

Discussion in '2nd Amendment' started by 31U_Airborne, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. 31U_Airborne

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    After my woman and i read 65 pages of the 125+ page intended gun ban of 2016 congress Will pass.....
    Pretty every type of gun will be banned...

    Lets put this kind of info on every possible gun enthusiest website forum, email every gun manufacterer and demand everyone to do the same..

    We contact gun manufacters to make pre-ban conversion kits.
    Yes.... before the guns are even made...

    This conversion "Kit" is basically a bolt action drop in type exchange for semi auto. Mostly intended for rifles, carbines etc...

    Can you imagine the only weapon you can buy is a black powder rifle where any type of sight system is banned?

    That my friends is what it comes down to.... no more AR parts, no more Ruger 10/22's, zero semi-automatic guns period...

    YES THERE ARE FLAWS TO THIS PLANS...... BUT.. IF WE GIVE THE BIG BOYS AN IDEA IT WILL BENEFIT US ALL..... or move to Russia, Slovakia, Switzerlande to be free........ lol
  2. histed

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    Bolt actions, revolvers, TC and other single shots???? Then why have "kits" ready? Not being a jerk, 31U - but what's the sure thing here? Unless the litards get control of Congress, even the Beast can't do a total ban.

  3. undeRGRound

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    We could have Hitlery, and 535 Demonic-RATS in congress, plus
    9 lib-turds on the scotus, and there will be no enforceable gun ban...