Letting someone break in!!

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  1. Has anyone ever let a friend break in to there home????

    I thinking of having one of my friends try to break in to the house. Im going to let him do anything short of breaking a window or door!

    Has anyone ever done anything like this. I have been called by the alarm co. when someone of tried to get in through one of the windows. The LEO said I was lucky I had the alarm or he probly would have got in that window. He took some pictures of the foot prints and said he would call me if they got anything. I am yet to get a call!!! It has been almost a year.
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    Actually I've had to break into my own house (when I was a kid) and a few years ago "broke in" a neighbor's when she locked herself out of her house (wind blew the door closed when she walked out to get the mail).

    She was shocked how easy it was. At my folks house when I was a kid I had forgot my keys and my Mom was not home (unusual at the time). Lets just say that when I told my parents what I had to do we beefed up security. I simply climbed the TV tower in the back of the house and went across the roof and in through and open window in the shed dormer that served as my brothers and my bedroom. It was late spring and we had some windows open to air out the house (no AC).

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    With this stuff on the windows about the only thing they can do is kick the door... (as along as the window frames stay in)


    If you do not have dead bolts put some in...

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    I used to be able to jimmy a door quite easy If it wasn't deadbolted and when I was in construction my assistant was able to get in another way but I won't elaborate on an open forum
  5. I have doubts about how effective this would be, but then I haven't done it. The problem, as I see it, is that if you know when he's coming, it's not an accurate simulation, including the surprise, confusion, doubt of a real invasion; if you don't, you then don't know whether it's him or a real BG, and guessing incorrectly in either direction could have really bad results.

    Maybe it would be better to take an HD course, plan your plan, and practice, practice, practice.

    That's my $.02, and another $4.98 will get you a Starbucks, so take if for what it's worth.
  6. I think the idea here is to get an feel for how easy of a target your house really is. It's an honest assessment of what an average person would have to do to invade your home. If they, an average Joe, can do it with ease, what would a professional thief be able to do with your level of security? How easy or hard of a target are you really at that point?
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    All security guards at one point or another, for one reason or another, have had to find a way to get somewhere we needed to be... with or without fancy keys... with or without stealth.
  8. This is exactly what I was meaning.... Just getting a different look at if someone can get in when noone is home??? If someone comes in when I am here they will need to fight for what they get!!!

    Just some of my friends might see a easy way in that I didnt see and can address???
  9. I think it's a great idea Stryker1, let us know how it goes and what you find out from the experiment.
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    Probably not a real good idea, suppose your friend is succesful. You and he are at the bar or he's at the bar and tells a few friends. "hey you wouldn't believe how easy it was for me to break into Strykers house the other day, yea, really all I had to do was....." and you are screwed. Not his fault Joe dirtbag overheard and ripped you off before you had time to fix the problem. Now put your family in the home when Joe dirtbag comes visiting, and he was watching to make sure you were out.
    But hey it's your home, Good luck.
    Not trying to be a smart ass, just my thoughts.
  11. Thats a good thought... I didnt really think about that.... I have not done this yet but I will give it a second thought now.
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    Actually with knowledge of new construction it's not hard at all. If you're not worried about damage just go to an external wall (other than kitchen, cabinets you know) remove the siding and kick/cut through the foam board and drywall. Better builders use osb but... A better option is to check your local police neighborhood watch site. They typically have a tip sheet that will tell you things like adding a bracket to keep someone outside from lifting up on a sliding door slipping it out of the channel and off the lock and ........
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    The only reason to do this thing would be to correct the problems that you find. So afterward I would hope where the house was accessed would be repaired to the point that it could not happen again. But still before you have someone else break in the home owner should try it himself if you can break in to your own home why have some else try until you can't break in anymore.
  14. You might be able to get a free home security screening from your local police department. I know that my neighborhood liasion officer on the city force offers them if you call in and schedule it ahead of time. I'm sure that the local police have probably seen just about all the ways that a home or business can be broken into, and I'll bet they can make some good recommendations on how to beef up your security without breaking the bank!

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    this reminds me of a show i seen on t.v. where two guys would pick a house then one guy would go and tell the family if they think there house was secured when they where not at home. then would ask them to secure the home as if they where leaving. after that he would take them to a van and then the second guy would come in and break into there home.
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    "It takes a Thief" Pretty good show, I bolted my small fire safe to the floor because of that show.
  17. This is why the best homes are made of brick... After 12 years of running my own construction business, I have done a bunch of after-burgulary repairs.... I have seen some pretty ingenious crooks.

    Remember people, all a lock does is keep an honest man honest. If they want in the house bad enough, the will get in the house one way or another.
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    I think a lot of people would be surprised as to how easy it is to break into someones home, even without busting a window to gain access.

    A lot of police departments do give free home security checks for people that request them. I would call your local PD and ask them about it.

    As far as having a friend break into your house for you. It would be fun for them but I wouldn't have just any friend do it. I would have to trust the person beyond what most are trusted. I personally have one true friend I have known since I was a year old. He is the only one I can think of off hand that I would trust.
  19. It sounds like an interesting notion, Stryker, but I think you'd learn just just as much trying to break in yourself. That way, you are in control of any damage that is done to the property.

    Shoot, you could even really lock yourself out to increase the motivation if you wanted to :wink:
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    Hahahaha. I suppose that might motivate him a bit more if he couldn't get back in if he wanted to.