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  1. I used this phone for a little under a year. It has it's wear marks. Dropped a couple time like every cell phone and has some scratches. Still works fine. Both screens work fine, camera is fine, video works, sd slot works... Below are STOCK photos of the phone, if there is genuine interest in purchasing the phone I can take some pics and post them. Don't want to go through the effort if no one is interested. They go for a


    Stock info on it:
    Product Description
    The ultimate in mobile entertainment just got better! The enV from LG has everything you love about The V: EvDO high-speed technology, CAST capabilities, VZNavigator, Wireless Sync, a QWERTY keyboard, a large internal screen, dual stereo speakers, and an external memory port. Not to mention exciting features like an upgraded 2.0 megapixel camera & camcorder with autofocus and lens cover, and Bluetooth stereo support for listening to music. Now, all this LG innovation is packed into a slimmer and lighter weight design. The LG enV. Thinner. Lighter. Better than ever.

    Additional Features
    TTY compatible

    Display Lines: 11
    Dimensions (WxDxH): 5 cm x 2 cm x 12 cm
    Weight: 130 g
    Phone Book Capacity: 1000
    Vibrating Alert: Yes
    Phone Design: Folder type phone

    Internet Browser: Yes
    Short Messaging Service: Yes
    Wireless Interface: Bluetooth (A2DP)

    Battery: Rechargeable - lithium polymer - 950 mAh
    Standby Time: Up to 460 h
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    You forgot the price, PM me if you're shy.

  3. I'm interested as well. I have the V and have always wanted the EnV. PM me with the price.
  4. Crap, sorry. Looks like they are going for 150+- 50 bucks on ebay, so I'll say $100 for the forum. This has been the best phone I owned in a LONG time, but just wasn't a blackberry so I upgraded once I had the funds to do so. Also, like my other sales, will trade for AR goodies.