LGS did they really say what i thought i heard?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by lsi1, May 30, 2014.

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    I was in the lgs today and i heard the 2 guys behind the counter talking about a customers pistol that was going back to a certain brazillian gun manufacturer and i heard one of them say

    "I would rather have a hi point!" This naturally drew me in and we stood and discussed the bargain pistol. for a while. we concluded that we all liked the carbine better than the pistol but that the pistol was good and generally reliable.

    They said that they have sent in more than a few hipoints for repair but they are returned to their owners in better than when they left condition. A condition not replicated by other pricier manufacturers.

    I did notice 1 thing both of these guys were in their mid 20s and most of the people i have ever seen be critical of the hp are older 40+ Is this something anyone else has noticed?
  2. I can tell you that being personal friends with several large gun shops, I've been told Hi Point is nowhere near the most sent back gun. They are always praised for their customer service.

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    thats what they said they have had customers get back brand new guns or guns that went in for a minor repair be completely rebuilt.
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    In my own experience I have found that 40+ age group will trash all Hi Points, but I have found a bunch of workers in a couple LGS's that also trash them, one is also an indoor range. One of the younger employees was shooting his expensive Kimber 45 next to me one day and it was constantly jamming (FTF). Where as I was sending over 250 rounds of WWB 45 down range with no issue. I told him that at least my cheap 4595 goes bang every time I pull the trigger and hits where I am aiming it. Next time I went in he came out to the bay and told me had sold the Kimber and picked up a 4595 and a Glock 45 along with a bunch of ammo for what he sold his Kimber for. He at least no longer trashes the carbines.
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    Let's be honest though - A lot of Hi-Points never get shot much at all. Folks who just want "a gun" will buy them because they're cheap and leave them in a box under the bed "just in case," and never train or practice.

    They're also bought by folks like us who are on a budget or appreciate a good bargain, though.
  6. The one thing I know for sure about Hi Points is that if you are going to own one and rely on you best go shoot the crap out of it and get it broke in.
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    nobody ever shoots their guns my local classifieds are full of revolvers that have had 1 cylinder shot through them and glocks with 1 box of ammo through them. I did buy an unfired accept at the factory g26 that was test fired last year. I am the 4th owner of this pistol.

    In about 6 hours it will never claim to be unfired again,
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    Most of the lgs's in my town scoff at hi point. They don't even carry them. The few that do, don't really have anything good to say about them. The Pawn shop where I bought both of my carbines carries a full line of new hp's, but the kids behind the counter admittedly have never shot one. They do say that they sell quite a few of them. I don't own any hp pistols yet, but I am sure that when I do I will enjoy taking them out and shooting. I don't buy guns to throw under the bed and forget about.
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    i feel your pain i'm trying to sell a safe queen xdm right now.
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    I was thinking about trading my XDm.45 fpr a bullpup SKS but thanks to the advice from the guys on this forum, and my wife, I opted to keep the XDm and build my own SKS Bullpup. You gotta know that the XDm is a great gun and deserves to be taken out and shown some love. I think i'll take mine out today..:)
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    its not that i don't like it because i do i traded for it and was going to replace the xdm trigger because springfield has never put a trigger in anything striker fired that i like accept the xds pre recall. Since then I've been lured back to he dark side and I'm eyeing up a g17. I would keep it and continue my plans in the future but my budget doesn't allow for keeping too many guns these days. Well I could keep them all if i didn't want to shoot them as well.
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    My #1 LGS's young gunsmith said he would not (and does not!) own a
    Kimber. Excellent job, converting another one!!! :D

    +1 Mr. B

    Was your G26 really unfired or did it seem to be likely cleaned, etc...?
    It;s feasible, and I commend you for getting right on it! (range time...)

    I, however, did buy extra HP pistols for SHTF. Too many 9mm handguns
    at this point, maybe :p

    I was going to recommend a S&W M&P but you are on that Glock/Sub2000
    train. Any Luck yet???
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    if its not unfired someone did a damn good job of fooling me the greenish coating is in tact and its nearly dry with no blemishes on the slide or barrel. I've seen many in the stores that have more wear from being fondled at the counter. The guy i got this off of is a friend who traded it to a guy who wanted a 45. He appearantly bought it off a guy who won it at a raffle. Don't know if its all true all I know is that its mine and it's gonna be one dirty glock tonight.

    May have the s2k thing figured out hopefully my dealer comes through on his end.

    I like interchangable parts for things mags mag springs internal trigger parts etc glock seems to have that all wrapped up. its unfortunate that their guns have no personality.
  14. I think I shoot a lot. More than most. Almost every day, one gun or another. Some have needed parts. Only one has gone back to the factory to be rebuilt. The Hi-Point.

    I can understand the need for more than one of them. Take that how you will.
  15. Exactly. Low/no round count guns are fairly common in the used gun market. Many folks perceive the need to have a gun, but once it is acquired it gets stuck in a drawer or closet for years. They might fire a few shots through it just to see if it works, many used guns come with a single box of vintage ammo with a few cartridges missing, or the 6 empties back in there. Some come with a full box!

    As for more expensive guns needing more warranty work, let's face it a HiPoint is a pretty simple mechanism being blowback operated. As long as the magazine feeds and the firing pin is intact, it will likely fire and cycle. Other guns have locking systems that might need fitted/broken in, and with every maker cranking out as many guns as they can, QC has slipped for just about everybody these days.

    HPs are not designed to last forever, due to their materials. OTOH, getting essentially a new one for just the postage is still a good deal.
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    NE Utah
    All I know is, if I were going to buy a gun to throw under the bed and forget about, it would be the cheapest gun I could find.:p

    I have a couple of guns that need work, and aren't running right, including a Tanfoglio and a couple of old Mossberg .22 rifles.

    The Hi Points all work fine.:)
  17. How would you know without shooting them??? :D:D:D

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    a Tanfoglio?!? be still my heart!!
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    well call me out on it my unfired glock is still unfired 2 days later. As a matter of fact it hasn't even been cleaned or oiled yet.