LGS just lost me as a customer

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  1. Back in april i got my wife a new walther pk380 at a LGS
    wens.. just ready to take off on VAC> a guy came by the place where i Work and wanted to know how i like my new walther i got at ............
    My first thought was who the hell are you? and who told you i bought that?
    So I said " who told you i got a walther " He says the guy at ..........
    told me you bought a lot of guns and ammo there, Then he tells me what
    town i live in and wanted to know if he can go shooting with me !
    and wanted to know what gun the 308 ammo i got was for .
    NOW I am getting p.ssed off at this point .I told him NO i shoot alone, and
    I didn't care for my personal info and what i buy being broadcast all over
    and ( head injury harry left ) NOW I am going to the LGS MON and ask them if they give out all there customer info on what ammo and guns they buy.:mad:
  2. That's some BS right there! I'd never buy a thing from them!

  3. Dagwood

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    That is really strange. Thats Creepie McCreeperson kinda bs right there.
  4. Kiln

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    Sounds odd. I think my local store would probably exercise discretion. He knows how gun owners are and understands that they're pretty private people when it comes to their firearms.

    The only way he'd tell anybody info about customer purchases is if the ATF came by.
  5. HiPointArmorer

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    I would demand a case of free ammo, or tell him the ATF will be getting a phone call. If enough people complain the ATF can and will perform an investigation, that LGS needs to be more careful.
  6. OUR LGS is a farm and home store i wish i had have spent over a hour each way and went to Pekin , but I was a cheep ass and it was a no tax one day sale. Its just a bad way to do business .

    I am going to ask for Mr big mouth to be fired . Just on the ground's my back ground form i fill out should be confidential . that's the only way what town i lived it would have been know. where i work the uniform gives that away .
  7. rickm

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    My LGS will do that to a select few customers only because he knows we all know each other and usually sitting around the shop BSing with each other but if it is someone not in the little circle then he will no way give that info out he usually just says he knows someone and give the pros and cons that we report back to him but kn personal info
  8. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    While I fully understand your anger, The guy was probably looking for a shooting buddy and since you seemed like a nice guy the LGS clerk told him about you.
    This could've been a new gun owner that would've liked some help OR he was just a lonesome soul looking for someone to go shooting with like a shooting buddy.
    You have reacted to harshly IMO but the LGS should've contacted you before giving out ANY info about you.
  9. bluebone

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    uhhh...no way! giving out personal info is way over the top for ANY business but especially for a gunshop, i dont care how 'nice' he looks!
  10. undeRGRound

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    Yes, but the LGS usually has no way of knowing very much about ANY customers. For instance, take all the stuff I have bought in the last year and a half, (and lost in that darn boating accident) I could be a wild-eyed gun nut fixing to go on a rampage, and they send me a "shooting buddy"??? :p
  11. What they said.

    Now how do you like the PK 380?
  12. Many states have customer privacy laws. Check yours.

    Personally, having been in retail sales for computers, that guy should be fired. It's inexcusable. You NEVER give out a customer's personal info to anyone. Not even another store employee. If another employee needs it, they can ask the customer when they come I . If another customer wants it, employee should get permission to give it out.

    Better yet, from the customer asking about others, get that customer's permission to hand out their info.

    I would go off on that LGS and employee. I might even file a complaint with the police department if local laws allow.
  13. SteveC

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    I'd be pretty disturbed about it too. How I dealt with it might depend on the LGS and my relationship with them. If it was a wayward employee I'd let the owner know what happened and make it clear that it was out of line. If he wanted to help the guy find a shooting buddy and all that, a much better way to do that would be to tell the guy he might know somebody who could help him out and give me a call. Having a stranger show up at my house like that would be unacceptable.

    And if my LGS referred me to somebody else like that I would call the guy first, not show up unannounced at his house.
  14. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Definitely not cool at any level. Someone I don't know shows up at my house wanting to talk guns, no matter how they say they got my info, I'm uncomfortable, and I'm not talking about squat.
  15. undeRGRound

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    Big R should know better :mad:

    I would threaten to call corporate if they don't come across with some 22lr
    or something you need, and make it stick! Derned Duhrps
  16. bluebone

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    i hope you got a lot of good info from the guy that approached you. you may have to consider what actions to take if you go talk to the LGS and he goes into legal self protection mode and denies everything.
  17. Kiln

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    I think this thing may be getting a little out of control. Don't shop there any more and move on.

    No need to get all liberal and sue happy over what was probably what the owner thought was harmless conversation. At very least I'd say to tell the owner that talking about your purchases is unprofessional but the reality is, he probably didn't even really think about it being a problem.
  18. forgotenpast

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    firstly do not sue anyone, i am sick of sue happy morons controlling the world
    second definitely inform the shop about not sharing your information and politely inform them that you are considering no longer being there customer

    you never know if one day they will have a sale or something that you cannot pass up
  19. Calm down,get over it and move on. My opinion the Guy could have been in just a bad place and needed a friend
  20. undeRGRound

    undeRGRound ROLL wif Da MOLE! Supporting Member


    I'm thinking the store is prolly 100% at fault here.
    On second thought, though, maybe don't make a huge deal out of this,
    but let them know it is unacceptable to let out private info!
    In No Uncertain Terms, let them know it had better never happen again for anyone.

    I guess everyone gets one Freeby-F-Up! :rolleyes: