Lies about Iraq for Concert Tickets?

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  1. Now what kind of kid do you expect that 6 year old to grow up to be?

  2. hell yeah take her tickets away
  3. Taking the tickets away is a MUST.

    Immersing in lye is optional, but strongly suggested.
  4. Take the kids tickets away and be sure the children know they lost the tickets because their mother was a lieing **** that made a mockery of every american hero who has ever fallen in battle. She's a pathetic excuse for not only a mother, but an American.
  5. That is really sorry. I hope they take the tickets away and give them to someone who deserves them. The mom didnt seem too sorry about what they did to win.

    My aunt told me about during WW2 she was on a city bus at El Paso Texas and some woman working at a factory said she hoped the war lasted for years so she could keep making the money she was making.

    A older man that had lost a son in the Pacific stood up and knocked her silly. Everyone else on the bus clapped.

    I guess there is always gonna be that kind of people ready to take advantage of a bad situation. Sorry ++++ers
  6. :shock: :evil: :evil: ............I have no words to express my anger. My friends have died. they laid there next to me and died!..............i am sorry but F%$# This bitch. And i am very sorry that a child was shown such a horrible way of lies and deceit. I hope this child learns it is not all right and i hope someone monkey slaps her mom............ :evil: :evil:
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    ha ha ha you know what would be so funny? if someone told a recruiter that so and so was interested in joining the army! that would be fitting.