Life After People

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  1. Amazing stuff, did you guys catch it. Only weeks after people the cities could all be destroyed by random lightning fires. Also the Chernobyl soccer field after 20 years. That was amazing.
  2. Damn, I missed it... lets see, set DVR to record it at 12 to2. Ok, got it for tomorrow. I was kind of curious about this show.... seems kind of unique.... probably trying to play off I am Legend.

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    I wanted to see it AND the last hour is still oon but I wan tot see it all so I will have to what till wed.

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    yeah i watched it all. Pretty good but i think things like cars, modern buildings etc would last alot longer than they showed. Geographic location would have alot to do with it as well.

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    I caught it. Not bad. I was kind of disappointed, but then I read Alan Weinstein's "The World With Out Us" (which presumably is what this was inspired by) and that not has conjecture about the next million and billion years, but also an entire chapter called "The World Before Us" (I find human pre-history and the Ice Age utterly fascinating. We missed all the good monsters by a mere few thousand years).

    Bottom line: one day the human era will be nothing more than a couple centimeter layer of carbon and rust deposits in the geologic strata. Kind of comforting actually.

    And as a water plant operator and municipal employee I can tell you it doesn't take long for infrastructure to go all to hell if you don't keep a vigilant eye on it. Roots, vines, and the seasonal freeze/thaw cycle can destroy anything over time.
  6. It was interesting, I wish it would have jumped to 50,000 years at the end, but still a good show.

    I have always wondered if there have been other civilizations before us that came and went and all traces are gone.

    We think we know all about the history of the world, but we learn new things all of the time.
  7. Time After Man will bring all sorts of new creatures and geographic layout of the land masses. I saw a similar show of the Discovery Channel a few years back and it was pretty cool.

    I have always been fascinated about prehistoric man, the ice ages, and the various stages of animal life on Earth. I often wonder what will survive of our modern civilization in 10k, 20k, 100k or perhaps 500k years from now.
  8. Or if we as a species survive, what man himself will evolve into in that amount of time. One eye? 4 hands? Who knows?
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    my Favorite subject in school was history. Now I wasnt good at it. You know all the school parts of it IE time line and other boring stuff.

    But I too find this stuff very interesting.
  10. I also found it interesting that the Egyptian history recorded in stone will far outlast our current methods of recordings electronic, digital and so forth.
  11. I liked it...maybe not as much after the first half hour or so but it was a good one.

    Have both history channels on my favorites list, along with military, discovery, TLC, National geographic channel , science channel, stuff like that!
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    Well, the first half hour had the most immediate info for those of us preparing for an extreme LMOE scenario.