Life as a new dad.

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  1. Little over one month since the birth of my daughter... its damned hard on my wife. Its damned hard on our finances, and damned hard on our schedules but oh so worth all the pain
    Yes I am a fat fuck, and working on the cardio and reducing my portions of food. My doc says I only have the weight and the blood pressure to bring down. Not a diabetic, no evidence of heart disease, no other health problems.
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    What. a. blessing!

    Good on ya, mate, for trying to get healthier. Do it for you, do it for her, just do it.

  3. The cost of formula and diapers damn near bankrupted me. Told my wife if we didn't feed 'em, we wouldn't have to diaper 'em and she got pissed off. Guess there's no sense of humor when you're sleep deprived.
  4. We tried cloth diapers. They leak sometimes and you have to wash the crap out of the diapers in the toilet. It can be a back up when you do not want to pay for disposable diapers. If your wife breast feeds and then pumps her milk you can also reduce formula costs.
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    Congratulations, beautiful baby.
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    You're right, they little things cost a ton of money and will keep doing so, probably till the day you die. But they're definitely worth it.

    If you do it right, when they get older, you can get labor out of them. Let me know if you figure it out because it's still like pulling teeth with mine.

    I'm sure I was never that much of a PITA to my parents. ;)

    Peace favor your sword,
  7. :rotfl:
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    A steady diet of strained veggies will make them plump and tasty.
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    NE Utah
    I prefer grain fed...
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  10. My mother in law paid for a cloth diaper service for 9 weeks from the first exchange to whenever, so that cuts out a lot of the costs but its still danged expensive. If its not disposables, we gotta either use the handwash method to save money, or parents place... or pay $3 per load of both wash and dryer in the common laundromat. Shes now pooping solids so that makes some of the cleanup easier.
  11. I'll second that. But I'm not complaining, mine wants to work. From the day she turned 16 she wanted a job, wanted her own money. But for the life of me, getting her to help around the house is like pulling teeth. I'd have better luck teaching the dogs to clean up after themselves.
  12. My daughter is the same way. She hates housework but is working for her own money. Now she is sixteen years old and wanting to drive. I told her she will have to pay for her own car insurance but she only has her permit presently. We are teaching her to drive a manual transmission car. She was intimidated at first but she is starting to get it.

    Too many people do not know how to drive a manual transmission. I am grateful my parents taught me as I can drive almost any vehicle now.
  13. Congratulations!!!

    Every stage of her life will have it's issues but oh so much more enjoyment. Yes even the teen years. Remember you can't love her too much!
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    You are totally unprepared to be a father.

    Welcome to the club.
  15. Congrats.

    Drinking nothing but water will trim weight off.
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    Bro, you know I’m all about facts and science based evidence and such.
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    Oh my goodness camo, she is so beautiful!!!

    And i almost hate to say it, but I'm going to say it anyway. That newborn to about 3 years old stage is the easiest, and least expensive stage of all.....
  20. ^yup, what 'til designer clothes, make up, and college bills start coming in^
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