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  1. Purchased my new C9 in December 2007 and my paperwork states that the gun is warranted to the original retail customer for life from date of purchase etc... Website states it doesn't matter if first or third owner - the warranty still applies. Do I just have an older instruction sheet or ?? Thanks, Bob
  2. I'm not sure which of two situations exists: 1) they've just neglected to update the sheet, or 2) they practice "forever for anybody", but want to keep the earlier letter of the law to fall back on in case of gross abuse. I'm not sure how bad abuse has to be, as they've replaced two second-hand weapons with new for me. (Neither at my request, BTW -- it's what they volunteered to do).

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    Ok here is the poop.
    Paper work is old, why they are still put in the boxes is any ones guess.
    HP covers their product, 1st owner 31st owner 131st owner makes no never mind. If you have any doubts just call them. They are good people with a good product.
    Congrats on your new C9.
  4. Thanks for clearing things up on my question. I will be adding the 45 Hi Point to my collection within the next couple of months. If things go well I hope to acquire one in each caliber by the end of the year. Bob :D
  5. Someone on here sent back a 3rd-hand gun damaged through negligence; sent back fixed along with a spare mag. I think that answers the question :).
  6. They dont ask where you bought the weapon or ask for proof of purchase or anything like that.

    All they are interested in is the weapon itself.

    I hope abusers of the system done force them to have to change their policy, it is a good one
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    Are you referring to the guy that was hammering on his gun to un jam it and bent the frame all out of kilter.
    He sent it in for fixing and then sold it when he got it back in brand new condition. If I remember this correctly he was asking nearly as much for it after all that as you could get a new one.
  8. That would be a good example or for example someone that sends a weapon in because the stock or receiver, although in good working order, is scratched up and he/she wants a brand new pretty stock or receiver.

    No matter what the product, there will always be people trying to get whatever they can out of a warranty program.